'Drag bingo' featured at Coming Out Week event

Engineering physics sophomore, Tiffany Shucart, right, checks her card while Janne Star and Stella Virgin call numbers at Drag Bingo last night.

Janee Starr held the microphone up to her outlined lips. Her red and black shirt slinked over one shoulder.

""B-11, that's bay onsay,"" Starr purred to a group of students gathered by the Park Student Union lawn as they marked their bingo cards.

The other announcer, Stella Virgin, batted her fake eyelashes in the afternoon sun.

Starr and Virgin are not like your average monotone bingo hosts at the local community center.

Starr and Virgin are drag queens.

Approximately 30 students came out to the PSU lawn last night for ""drag bingo"" as part of the UA's Coming Out Week, said Julianna Bradley, a political science junior and special event chair for the Pride Alliance.

Coming Out Week is a weeklong celebration of the LGBTQ community at the UA sponsored by a coalition of groups, both on- and off-campus.

But students who came out for the sassy show got much more than bingo.

Starr and Virgin heckled passing students and sympathized with Britney Spears' recent media escapades.

""Did anyone see her VMA performance?"" Starr asked. ""It hurt my soul!""

After shaking her hips to Spear's recent hit ""Gimme more,"" Starr combed her brown curly hair out of her face.

""I pulled a Britney right there,"" she said, referring to her slight stumble as she climbed on and off of tables. ""Poor bitch.""

Starr and Virgin hosted the event to support Coming Out Week and to enjoy themselves.

They are not new to the drag bingo circuit, as they announce bingo every other Sunday for what they call ""drunken drag bingo,"" at Woody's, 3710 N. Oracle Road.

At Woody's, when someone falsely claims they have ""bingo,"" they have to buy both Starr and Virgin shot.The bartender, they say, will march over to the player, put down two shots of tequila and demand $7.50 for the drinks.

""We'll have seven or eight drinks,"" Virgin said.

Although UA's drag bingo night was a dry event, students still had a good time.

Magdalena Escobedo, an education senior, laughed at Starr's monologues between the numerical calls.

""These girls are hilarious,"" Escobedo said. ""Drag queens are always funny.""

Escobedo attended the event with friends to have a good time and to support Coming Out Week.

Oprah Revish, a creative writing junior, said the event is a great way to come out ""literally and figuratively.""

""I'm here to support Pride Alliance,"" she said. ""...and win.""

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