Make it retro with your holiday dress this season


During the holiday season, women experience a certain amount of anxiety­ — not over the preparation of lavish three-course meals, or creating the perfect holiday ambiance in the house, but rather in the search for the perfect holiday dress. The ideal dress has to fit perfectly and be appropriate for family events, but still give off the impression that you’re successful and a total knockout.

For this holiday season, keep in mind lace, ‘20s inspired flapper dresses, peplum overskirts, and metallic and navy blues.

While women may be willing to try a simple peplum or beaded dress, it seems many are afraid of adding vintage style to their modern holiday dress. Maybe it’s the idea that the retro look isn’t in style at the moment, and could potentially make you look out of place.

But really, ladies, romanticizing the ‘20s in your wardrobe is completely fashion-forward this holiday season. Flapper-influenced dresses are generally mid-thigh length, beaded and scoop-necked, with small spaghetti straps. Channel your inner Zelda Fitzgerald and dance the holidays away in something straight out of The Great Gatsby.

These dresses are perfect for any occasion, and will certainly not be a one-and-done purchase. A great destination to find a dress that fits the bill would be Nasty Gal, which is an online store that carries all types of clothes.

Similarly, there seems to be a fear of metallic clothing, as if the shiny material is some kind of magical repellant that keeps buyers away. This season, however, the fear of being flashy must end. For fall and winter, a nice chiffon dress with metallic details, like the above example from Free People, would be perfect for holiday events. If the chiffon is light, it gives the impression of a pleasant, angelic nature, and if it were Halloween, you could easily add wings — but don’t do that.

Zara, H&M, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters are all be wonderful places to buy winter dresses, but be sure to also check out any local resale shops — there may be some diamonds in the rough. As usual, don’t be afraid to take risks with some of your wardrobe, even when it comes to your holiday attire.

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