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In response to “The beginnings of the ZonaZoo: A look at its history” (by James Kelley, Nov. 9):

The ZonaZoo gets referenced on ESPN and college gameday all the time. Too bad one of the most memorable ZonaZoo moments was the premature field rush against Oregon in 2009. I guess that is why they have the 8 foot retainer wall now in front of it like a real zoo! All in all, great work by Mr. Wand.

— Ryan C

A legacy — thanks for the memories!

— Hal Wand

I’d make a comment about how far the Zoo has fallen, but it was as pathetic back when I was in school as it is today. A student section that can’t even fill up for the USC game and empties out at halftime EVERY SINGLE GAME is nothing to be proud of.

— thekevinshow1990

Great article! Thank you for going back to the Zoo’s roots to get the story from the begining. Bear down!

— Beth Wischer Wand

In response to “Speakers voice opinions on student union Chick-fil-A at LGBT studies open forum” (by Brittny Mejia, Nov. 8):

I’ve been eating there when I am on campus. It’s not just for tastiness, but now for free speech.

— Carl Reardon

Don’t like Chick-fil-A? Don’t eat there! It’s one guy’s opinion, not the whole company’s. Last time I looked, we were in the United States, and everyone is entitled to free speech, no matter how distasteful some might find it.

— Squid

We need more free speech and less political correctness.

— Jaybird

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