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In response to “From the newsroom: Considering Wildcat Weekend’s growing pains, what should be next?” (by Bethany Barnes, Nov. 26):

I haven’t noticed the Wildcat Weekends at newsstands — then again, I don’t really pay attention to the newsstands during the weekend. Being an off-campus student, most of my news is gathered from the Net, usually the next Monday. I get most of my info from there, or from word of mouth about things that are going on during the weekend on and off campus.

— Jordan

I live really close to campus so I would love to see more about what’s going on on-campus during the weekend so I can be more involved.

So far the Wildcat Weekend has be next to useless for me since I’d rather grab some tea on University than hit up a pub. I think it has its place, it just needs a lot more diversity.

I’d definitely like to see more of the lifestyle section in the Daily Wildcat itself. It’s one of my favorites!

— Rachel Marie

In response to “Students aim for tobacco-free campus with petition” (by Rachel McCluskey, Nov. 21):

The campus gives people small, designated places to smoke, yet others continue to complain about a “smoking problem.” Unreal.

— Travis

In response to “Veteran enrollment increases at UA partly due to GI Bill” (by Matt Burns, Nov. 20):

This is such a good time for America to embrace the veteran student. Returning to a lack of jobs, going to school seems to be the next option. Now thumbs up to the UA for all they are doing to assist VA students.

— Top Tech

In response to “Life on his terms: UA transgender student offers new perspective” (by Greg Gonzales, Nov. 16):

Nice article. Thanks for all your activism and work on behalf of transgendered people.

— Christa Erwin

In response to “Rep. Ron Barber’s win a sign of Democrats’ growing influence” (by Nyles Kendall, Nov. 21):

It’s delightful to know that common sense is out voting hate.

— Christine Thomas

In response to “BLX going strong after one year, creates community for skateboarders” (by Amy Johnson, Nov. 26):

This author was spectacular! They really captured the atmosphere of BLX.

— Tristan

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