Sophomore and junior honorary breakdowns, a side-by-side comparison

SOPHOS Sophomore Honorary

SOPHOS is a group of 28 men and women who want to make an impact on campus, who are extremely spirited and always looking to get involved. This honorary prides itself on hosting philanthropic events throughout the UA community, such as its annual SOPHOS kickball tournament. Currently, it even has bragging rights as the winner of the 2012 Club Olympics.

Chain Gang Junior Honorary

Two words: striped rugbys. Those shirts you’ve seen all over campus are the trademark of one of the oldest organizations on campus, at about 87 years old. Chain Gang first made its mark during the historic John Button Salmon episode and Chain Gang members were the ones to throw the first Bear Down Ball.

They were also the ones who painted “Bear Down” on the roof of the Bear Down gym. Chain Gang is devoted to numerous community service projects and philanthropies, and logs a tremendous amount of service hours every year. The bond created through membership in this organization is evident in their motto: “Like the chain, we are

SMORES Sophomore Honorary

SMORES is more than just a tasty snack. It stands for Scholarship, Motivation, Outstanding Respectability, Excellence and Service, the pillars that this honorary upholds. In addition to being an honorary devoted to academics, SMORES believes in balancing hard work with a good time. The group has been known to host camping trips and go on trips out of the state.

Chimes Junior Honorary

Chimes can be defined with the words scholarship, leadership and service. Chimes is different from most honorary organizations because it is nationally recognized. Its commitment to service extends beyond the UA campus to the Tucson community at large.

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