Sororities and Fraternities to showcase houses, hold informational meeting before Spring Rush

Michelle A. Monroe and Michelle A. Monroe and Michelle A. Monroe | Arizona Daily Wildcat

Michelle A. Monroe / Arizona Daily Wildcat

UA greek life will be answering questions and showcasing houses at an informational meeting this Thursday.

An informational meeting on Thursday will give students the chance to learn about the sororities and fraternities on campus before Spring Rush officially begins.

Sorority and fraternity members will attend the informational meeting to showcase their houses. The meeting, which will be hosted by the four governing councils of fraternities and sororities, is aimed at students seeking to rush a fraternity or a sorority for the spring semester. Spring Rush begins Jan. 28 and will conclude Feb. 1.

All four governing councils — the National Pan-Hellenic Council, the Interfraternity Council, the United Sorority and Fraternity Council and the Panhellenic Council — will be at the informational session to provide potential rushees with advice and information.

A sorority house usually has a set number of people, according to Ashley Lovich, president of Sigma Kappa sorority. However, because of an increase in the Panhellenic average last week from 200 to 220, this rush period will focus on increasing sorority house numbers to meet the new average and to help the community grow, Lovich said.

Following a short presentation and question and answer session, students will be able to speak directly to members from each campus fraternity and sorority. Greek life members will also present an interactive exhibition. Additionally, there will be performances of traditional stepping, strolling and saluting for those interested in participating in a multicultural fraternity or sorority.

An email from members of the IFC stated that on average, fraternity and sorority members perform 16,000 hours of community service each semester. Members also said that the average greek GPA is higher than the average undergraduate’s GPA.

Jeff Hurley, who is the vice president of communications for the IFC and is currently involved in Phi Gamma Delta, said that the meeting will be a a good opportunity for those interested in registering for next week’s rush. He said that in his experience, rushing “created a brotherhood.”

“I made a ton of new friends, which leads to connections throughout life,” he said.

Held in the Student Union Memorial Center ballroom, the meeting will start at 6 p.m. on Thursday.

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