Riot on University Boulevard

Jeff Wick | The Daily Wildcat

Jeff Wick / The Daily Wildcat The Tucson Police Department tries to control the riot that formed after Arizona’s loss during the Elite Eight on Saturday.

Crowds on University Boulevard have disbanded after Tucson Police Department officers used force on rioting fans.

Riot police formed a line across University Boulevard following the conclusion of the game. Officers on motorcycles circled fans lined up along University Boulevard. Fans then began throwing smoke bombs, beer and objects at the line of police.

Photo: Cecilia Alvarez

Cecilia Alvarez / The Daily Wildcat

Photo: Savannah Douglas

Savannah Douglas / The Daily Wildcat

Riot police responded by hurling pepper canisters and shooting pepper balls at fans. Dozens of students and fans were shot with pepper balls by riot police, including a Daily Wildcat editor.

At least nine crowd members were taken into custody, according to Sgt. Pete Dugan, a TPD spokesperson.

At least one person was taken behind the police line and beaten by an officer. Check back for more.

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