Police Beat: July 23

Ford on the Loose
University of Arizona Police Department officers transported a non-UA affiliated man to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department for driving under the influence of alcohol on June 15. UAPD officers noticed a red Ford driving suspiciously on Speedway Boulevard around 1 a.m. The car was swerving into the right turn lane and came to a complete stop at a green light. While stopped at the green light, the car activated the left turn directional while not in the left turn lane. UAPD officers pulled the car over. Officers noticed the driver’s eyes were watery and bloodshot. Upon exiting the vehicle, the driver fell forward and had to grab the door frame for balance. Officers smelled intoxicants on the man’s breath. The man admitted to having had alcohol that evening. He showed multiple cues of intoxication during the standard field sobriety test and a breathalyzer test showed the driver to have a blood alcohol level of 0.177. The driver was handed over to PCSD, who arrested the man on charges of an Extreme DUI and placed him in custody.

Graphic Graffiti
UAPD officers responded to a call of intentional vandalism on the morning of June 14. Officers arrives at the Facilities Management building on Vine Avenue where they met with the reporting party, a maintenance supervisor. The supervisor told officers that a facilities employee had found a handwritten sign hung on the fence surrounding the building. The sign was white, with the words “[Name omitted] loves cock.” The supervisor said he believed the sign was referring to a high-up Facilities Management administrator. The supervisor said he could not think of anyone employed with facilities who would have made the sign. UAPD officers attempted to collect footage from nearby surveillance cameras, but none faced the scene of the crime. Officers took pictures of the sign and placed them into evidence.

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