Study Abroad Fair acquaints students with travel opportunities Sep. 13

Courtesy Alex McIntyre

(left to right) Olivia Haddad, Sean Horan and Khas Ochir look out from the edge of Orvieto, Italy on May 23, 2015. The had arrived in Orvieto the day prior for the annual Arizona in Italy summer study abroad program through the UA.

The University of Arizona Global Initiatives will host the annual Study Abroad Fair this week where students can learn about programs and have the opportunity to ask questions to other students and staff.

“I think the fair is our best opportunity to get interested students a bit more information all in a one-stop-shop where they can find out study abroad is a lot more affordable than they assume,” said Derrick Goodrich, UA study abroad coordinator.

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This year the fair will not only be showcasing study abroad programs, but also presenting new ones and any changes made to previous programs.

“We made a big push to try and get students who are past study abroad students or inbound exchange students from those areas to talk to students on a more peer to peer basis about the program,” Goodrich said.

Last years fair had about 1,200 students attend according to Goodrich. This year a total of 108 study abroad programs will be on exhibit at the fair.

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“Students are sometimes hesitant because they can't quite grasp how different life will be abroad,” Goodrich said. “Talking to a student who has done it before gives them more confidence to open up that application and pursue studying abroad.”

In addition to informing students, the fair will also feature entertainment like cultural dances from around the world that both students and visitors can enjoy.

You can attend the fair Wednesday, Sept. 13 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., in the North Ballroom of the Student Union Memorial Center.

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