R.L. Stine coming to Tucson Festival of Books to talk 'Goosebumps,' latest series

Tucson Festival of Books | The Daily Wildcat R.L. Stine is the creator of the best-selling Goosebumps series, which has more than 400 million copies in print worldwide and will celebrate 25 years in 2017.

Prolific children’s author R.L. Stine will be at the Tucson Festival of Books to talk about the newest series in his long-running Goosebumps franchise SlappyWorld. 

Goosebumps is a children’s horror franchise that has been widely read since its conception in 1992, and it currently consists of nine series and spin-offs. SlappyWorld currently consists of three books, with five more expected in the future, and is unique among other Goosebumps stories in its focus on a single villain — Slappy the Dummy — who indirectly narrates the story. 

R.L. Stine described that the new series’s creation came about due to the sheer popularity of the villain, who boasts the most appearances of any one character in the overall franchise. 

“It’s just that [Slappy] got so popular,” Stine said. “Of all the villains and all the monsters I put in the books, he’s the one people really respond to.” 

Stine further explained how the demand for a series centered on him was indeed large, stating that he would likely appear in the next Goosebumps movie. 

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As Goosebumps has over 200 books, R.L. Stine churns out many well-loved stories on a regular basis in addition to readings, signings and other duties. He explained how his writing process ensures he stays on schedule.  

“Every day I write 2,000 words, and then I stop and go on with my day,” he said. “Before I sit down to write the book, I already know everything that’s going to happen, so the hard part’s done.” 

Stine expressed admiration for the Tucson Festival of Books as a returning guest. “I try to go every year. I think I’ve been maybe five times,” he said. He also said that he was particularly impressed with the amount of people who attend the festival despite Tucson’s relatively small size. 

“I love the crowds. It’s one of the newer book festivals, but now they get 150,000 people to come, and Tucson’s not that big of a town," he said. "It’s very impressive, people come all the way from Phoenix. And they get 300 authors, it’s wonderful. It’s one of the best book festivals in the country now.” 

R.L. Stine is scheduled for two seminars during the festival. The first is a three-author reading called “Mysteries, Mayhem and Monsters." The second event is “A Celebration of R.L. Stine and SlappyWorld,” which consists of a talk and closed signing. 

However, in his own words, Stine described that he would simply be having fun. 

“I’ll tell a ghost story and tell some funny stories,” he said, “I like to read a lot of the funny letters I get from kids and just have a good time.” 

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