UAPD called to James E. Roger Cirlce for noise complaint

June 27, 2018 -- University of Arizona Police Department respond to a noise complaint outside the Student Union Memorial Center. Video by Victor Garcia Music Credit: Nctrnm- Havasu

Today at approximately 1:15 p.m., University of Arizona Police Department officers were called to a noise complaint coming from a vehicle parked on James E. Rogers Circle, next to the UA’s Student Union Memorial Center. 

According to UAPD Officer Rene Hernandez, a man "was playing music very loud in the circle, and when asked by people passing by to turn it down, he ignored them.” 

Bystanders watched as UAPD officers arrived on the scene to address the matter as the driver turned his music up and lit himself a cigarette. 

New Start program attendee and incoming freshmen Victor Flores said " [I] heard someone honking, and I came over here and saw the police arrive."

Police stood next to the driver and attempted to get him to exit his vehicle. 

After several minutes of talking to the driver, UAPD asked the man to step out of his vehicle. Officers contacted the man’s family and found he had a mental health condition. 

“There was an issue of mental state, he was transferred to the hospital for an evaluation,” Hernandez said. “Nothing of the criminal nature, he wasn’t arrested or anything like that. Officers were concerned of his mental state and gave him a ride to the hospital.”

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