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FIJI fraternity house being converted into residence hall

The FIJI fraternity house located on First Street previously occupied by the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity is being converted into a residence hall that will be known as Rawls/Eller Lodge, and will house 64 UA students beginning the upcoming fall semester.

UA adds paid parental leave

The UA has changed it parental leave policy and will now be offering paid parental leave for up to six weeks to its employees. Employees could previously get up to 12 weeks off for parental leave under the Family Medical Leave Act, though the time would be unpaid.

The end is near

We are nearing the middle of November, and fortunately, the semester is coming to a close. Unfortunately, it is also the conflicting point in time where it is easy to get excited about the end of school, but it’s not yet time to kick back and relax completely.

UA student-athletes set academic record

The 2013-14 Arizona senior class had six student-athletes named as the Pac-12 Scholar-Athlete of the year in their respective sports, breaking the school record.

ASUA Notebook: Senate Meeting March 26

The final report of the Representation and Club Engagement Task Force was unveiled at the ASUA Senate Wednesday night. The task force, composed of representatives from the Associated Students of the University of Arizona, the Graduate and Professional Student Council and the Student Bar Association, was brought together with the purpose of identifying problematic areas in ASUA and presenting suggestions on how to move forward with those issues. “We talked about what our mission was and we realized there were concerns we wanted to address,” said Taylor Ashton, a political science and economics junior and ASUA chief of staff.

Lorde's music is far beyond her years

Lorde, the newest music sensation taking over the nation, features New Zealand singer Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor.