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Chicken and Waffles to come back to Cactus Grill

The limited time offer of chicken and waffles will return to Cactus Grill Barbecue from Feb. 20 to March 6.

Free samples of the dish will be available on Feb. 18 and Feb. 19 for students to try the unique dish consisting of a Belgian waffle, chicken strips, syrup, and hot sauce.

When the promotion ran last semester for two weeks in October, sales increased for the Cactus Grill Barbecue by almost 200 percent, said Todd Millay, marketing manager for the student unions. More than 2,000 waffles were sold during the two-week promotion last semester generating more than $12,000.

“It was hugely successful and it somehow resonated with the students quite well,” Millay said. “Maybe because it is a little bit different; a little bit quirky. We know a lot of students from California probably have access to chicken and waffles; there are chains out there like that. It was too successful not to bring it back.”

The dish is not sold during breakfast, but starts at lunchtime and continues until closing time. The dish drew in longer lines last semester, according to Millay.

“It brought a lot of new customers. It definitely boosted our customer count,” said Kristi Edmond, the supervisor for Cactus Grill. “When it went away people were really sad, so by word of mouth we’ve been telling everybody, ‘hey, chicken and waffles are coming back,’ and they’re really excited. And it’s exciting for us because it was our first LTO (limited time offer) we’ve ever experienced.”

Students have the option to have two chicken strips on top of the waffle for $5.59 or have three chicken strips for $6.99. Toppings include syrup, hot sauce, and powdered sugar and students can put as much or as little as they want on the dish.

“Just like Pangea, we are trying to create something different on campus,” Millay said. “A reason for students to enjoy the union and expose students to something they haven’t tried before; that’s what college is all about.”