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Grading the Grammys: the good looks and the bad

This year, even if the Grammys sent out a memo for “appropriate attire”, most of the glamorous stars ignored this memo.

It was said that there was to be no shear fabric, no cleavage and no shown “giggly skin”, which Miranda Lambert made fun of a great deal on the red carpet during her interview with Ryan Seacrest. Though these rules were put into place, most of the best dressed celebrities embraced their rebellious spirit and showed a little skin anyway.

Some of the best dressed celebrities were Katy Perry, in her skin tight, sea-foam-green dress that hugged every curve. It was flattering in the best ways by accentuating her chest with a bejeweled neckline.

There was also Kelly Rowland in a beautiful black mermaid gown with shear cut outs that were clearly not apart of the new Grammys “Dress Code”. Regardless, the dress was absolutely breath taking.

Speaking of breathtaking, every female in the US along with some men were taken away by how glorious Justin Timberlake’s attire and performance was this year. He is back in action, dressed in a perfect black Tom Ford suit with a very stylish oversized bow tie that was very reminiscent of the 1910’s.

There were also a few stars that didn’t do the best job dressing themselves this year. Adele, you are loved so much and you have a beautiful voice, but someone should write an entire album about how awful that floral print dress was. It looked like your grandma’s couch.

As far as overdone wardrobe goes, Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine decided to embrace her inner dinosaur with her studded and sequined emerald green Givenchy dress. We love the color with your hair, and the contrast of red and green is always wonderful, but you really didn’t need every accessory in the same color.

Carly Rae Jepson could have used a few of Welch’s accessories, though. It seemed that Roberto Cavali was a very trendy designer this year for the Grammy’s, but this young Canadian forgot to add a bit of pizzazz. Jepson wore a beautiful dress, but seemed to be washed out by it and looked very bland.

No worries stars, you can always redeem yourself next year, and bad publicity is still good publicity, right?