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New Fish McBites taste as fishy as you probably guessed


As small and nonthreatening as they look, the sound of “fish” and “McBite” in the same name causes shudders from all McDonald’s lovers. After all, have you ever trusted fish from a fast food restaurant?

McDonald’s fans have grown accustomed to the ground-up chicken disguised in nuggets of a fried exterior, but fish cut up and processed into convenient and bite size portions? Now that’s something we may never get used to – like a fish out of water, you might say.

That is why I took it upon myself to find out if these pesky little nuggets were any good at all. I eat fish on a daily basis and have also eaten some of the strangest things from around the world.

From escargot, to alpaca steaks, from guinea pig to “Rocky Mountain oysters” (look it up), I’ve eaten a lot of odd things. So I wasn’t that apprehensive to try it.

On first bite, no amount of seasoned batter with pepper flakes can disguise the obvious square shape of a mini fish stick. “Popped from the seas” is not as accurate as “cookie cuttered by a machine”

There wasn’t anything unfriendly about the smell or taste, but you’ll get exactly what you’d expect. For a fish craving though, the Fish McBites snack isn’t too off kilter to try, once or twice.

If you’re not a big fish eater though, I would stay away from these as a first experience and try something friendlier that isn’t found at a fast-food chain. You never know when the fish may start swimming upstream from you belly and leave an unpleasant mess in your wastebasket or toilet.