Go Enjoy

Head to Yuki's for Sushi that doesn't disappoint

I’ve discovered that sushi places in Tucson are a hit or miss, and usually a miss.

I’ve been to Sushi Ten, which lured me in with online reviews promising happy hour prices that last almost the entire day. Turns out that you really do get what you pay for: room-temperature food and blandness delivered in each bite.

On the opposite end of the price and quality spectrum is Sushi Garden. While it has awesome sushi. the extensive lines and petrifying prices tend to steer me away from this mainstream restaurant.

S, when that sushi craving kicks in, I am left to choose between low prices accompanied by indistinguishable sea creatures, or delicious sushi that leaves my wallet empty… Right? Nope.

When I arrived at the UA, I met upperclassmen friends who shared their love of sushi with me. As I was new to the Tucson sushi scene, they took me to their sushi spot, a cozy place on Campbell and Blacklidge called Yuki’s Sushi.

Walking into the restaurant, I was expecting it to be full. However, Yuki’s remains relatively off the radar, especially on weekdays. This means attentive waiters, a calm environment and a quiet dining experience.

I was envious of my friends who were 21 as they enjoyed $1 Draft Beer and $6 sake bombs with their meals during Happy Hour, which is held Monday through Saturday from 3:00 until 6:00 p.m.

Even if sushi isn’t exactly your cup of hot green tea, Yuki’s has other great inexpensive dishes including fried rice, vegetable tempura, stir fried noodles and teriyaki entrees. Oh yeah, and the hot green tea is also worth a try.

From the beginning of my Tucson sushi adventures, Yuki’s has remained my number one choice. If you’ve got that craving for sushi and want to lounge in a relaxing environment with tasty, inexpensive sushi, then Yuki’s is the place to go.