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Races and Generationals don't let down at Club Congress


Whoever it was that first said hipsters don’t dance had obviously never been to a Generationals show at Club Congress. The Generationals’ funky bass lines got an exceptionally large portion of a pretty hip crowd dancing, and that is no easy feat. Not only did the Generationals get the hip dancing, they also attracted the elderly, as one particularly youthful senior danced and clapped the entirety of the opener Races and the Generationals sets.

This show was a blast. I had never been to Club Congress before tonight or heard of the band RACES. Both were awesome. Club Congress offers a really intimate experience as the inside stage is a pretty cozy space. At one point during the Generationals encore Ted Joyer, singer and guitarist, walked amongst the crowd as he played. The energy of the crowd probably would have been even higher, had the show not been on a Sunday night. Unfortunately this meant a more sober crowd and little less jumping.

But lets talk about RACES for a minute. This five-piece band from LA reminded me a lot of the band Margot and the Nuclear So-and-Sos. They performed songs from their album Year of the Witch. The drumming was great. It wasn’t just your run of the mill indie band overworking the crash-symbol-crescendo nonsense — it was more complex than that. You could tell RACES isn’t a band that is too concerned about image to have fun on stage. They all looked like they were having a blast, and that really lent itself to the crowd as a whole having a great time — the lead guitarist even soloed while on the ground. It was a really great performance and the crowd even chanted for an encore, which is rare for opening bands.

The Generationals were, simply put, fucking rad. They featured the aforementioned crowd interaction as well as climbing up amps and tons of jumping about. There is nothing worse than a dead stage performance, but the Generationals featured anything but that. They played songs from their first album Con Law and their new album Actor-Castor and their ever so popular EP When They Fight They Fight. They saved their smash hit for the encore when they gave the crowd what a large majority had been waiting for, and it went over insanely well. The songs from Actor-Castor featured a much more electric sound, and when coupled with what looked like a flashing triforce light show and a third eye behind the stage it was an intense experience.

Both bands performed excellently live and are worth seeing. If you haven’t yet, see a show at Club Congress — it’s quite the venue.