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Show review: ON AN ON bring their one-of-a-kind act to Club Congress

On Monday night Cup Cafe and Club Congress were visited by a band from a combination of cities, such as Chicago and Minneapolis. Waiting for their time to come, their performance would show Tucson that such raw and recent talent can be sporadically created yet still sound amazing.

ON AN ON’s live act opened with a blend of electronic tones and loud but pure bass notes while a finger print projection danced around the stage. The music grew and was instantly contagious, impossible to not rock out to.

The band, who is best known for their single, “Ghosts,” has only been together since April 2012. The group has already opened for the likes of Geographer.

Two of the bandmates, Nate Eiesland, the lead singer and guitarist, and Alissa Ricci, the keyboardist and back-up vocalist, have been playing music together since a young age.

“I picked up the guitar when I was about 14, and as I was not the most astute student, I poured all my energy into learning the art of music, so it was really convenient to know exactly what I wanted to do when I got out of school,” Eiesland said.

The band’s third member is a recent addition. Bassist Ryne Estwing went to college and classically trained in guitar and jazz.

“I chose to study music because when I went to attend shows that I truly enjoyed, I genuinely wanted to give back that same positive energy to others as well,” Estwing said.

The combination of the three musicians coming together in such a short amount of time has created a sound that is hard to classify into one specific genre, considering all the different elements that can be heard in every song.

“We’ve come to realize that it is really difficult to describe our sound and influences”, Ricci said.

All three members join on a common front. Their collaborative writing has one purpose: the production of sincere and honest music.

“What we noticed in the studio was that we wanted to hone in these moments of vulnerability and capture that,” Nate said, “That is just more interesting to listen to, so we prioritized that over perfection. It was about how the music made you feel and not how it sounded.”

ON AN ON was also given the opportunity to be produced by such a talent as Dave Newfeld, a member of the successful indie post-rock band Broken Social Scene.

“A common saying we used a lot in the studio was ‘good vibes’, we were really looking for that saying to apply to this album,” Ricci said, further explaining their recording process. The result, of these “good vibes” has been their album Give In, released on Jan. 29.

Their tour for their first album has taken the band to places such as Austin and Seattle, but Ricci said Tucson has to be up there on the list of interesting stops.

“Hotel Congress is pretty kickass,” she laughed. While it may be a great location, it’s nowhere near a wonderful as the feelings ON AN ON’s music evokes in the listener, and the truly memorable show they deliver.