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Don't miss out on 'Clarity' the second time around

Electronic music producer, Zedd double dips with his phenomenal Clarity album, this time adding four “new” songs. Of course these “new” songs aren’t exactly fresh from the studio, instead being released last year.

Three of them, including Zedd’s remixes of Skrillex & The Doors’, “Breakn’ a Sweat” and Empire of the Sun’s, “Alive” as well as his brand new single with Hayley Williams titled “Stay the Night,” can already be purchased.

The re-release is obviously meant to take advantage of the popularity of the single, “Clarity” which dominates both radio waves and stadiums. If you haven’t picked up the original album, which came out last September, I strongly suggest getting it now.

“Clarity” is the most listenable electronic album to be released over the past year, maybe longer.

The album boasts a healthy combination of vintage Zedd, employing hard-hitting electro house beats, breakdowns, and drops that made him originally known in the Electronic Dance Music community. This time around however, he also explores with a sound likened to pop, using catchy vocals that are easy to sing along to.

No album is complete without a list of guest artists, including: Ellie Goulding, Ryan Tedder and Matthew Koma, to name a few. I recommend all tracks on this album.

If you missed ‘Clarity’ the first time around, do not, under any circumstances, pass up this enhanced re-release.