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Ingrid is a Youtube beauty guru with a sweet personality: Check out her fall video

Hey girls! (And certainly guys too if it interests you)

So, I’m a huge Youtube fan and one of my most frequently watched channels is called “Missglamorazzi,” run by the gorgeous and amazing Ingrid. She is absolutely fantastic and always has updates on cute, chic, simple beauty advice. She always goes for a natural look with the philosophy that makeup should enhance your features, not change the way you look completely. And I agree, which is why I watch her so often!

Ingrid also posts videos about clothing (with “Outfit of the Day” videos), end of the month “favorites” videos which include everything from skin products to clothes to candles, and everything in between. I’m always on the look out for new videos from her because she just has such a sweet, cheery personality. So, in celebration of the beginning of the fall season (the best one!), here is an “I <3 Fall TAG!” video by Ingrid (Missglamorazzi). The video includes her favorite lip product, nail polish, Starbucks drink, and Halloween movie, among a handful of others.