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Fall Makeup Trends!

Girls, I just got around to watching this new video by beauty Youtuber, FleurDeForce (yes, more Youtube!). But I just cannot pass up sharing these videos because they are so wonderful and so beneficial. Fleur is a very classy vlogger and I find that what she has to say is almost always worthwhile.

Here she includes some fantastic trends for fall with eyeshadow shades, lip color, blush, and nail polish. The dark burgandy lips are a bit dramatic for me, but if you’re bold enough for it, it could end up looking quite gorgeous. I’ve been in desperate need of updating my makeup bag, so this was a great start for me. It may really help you out as well, and it certainly won’t break your bank, as Fleur tries to look for affordable products.

Enjoy, and have some fun changing up your makeup!