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7 less known party themes to change up the weekend scene

So you got another Facebook invite to another ABC (anything but clothes) themed party this weekend, or an Around the World themed party, or (God help us), a Toga themed party.

I can’t be alone in hating the same old party themes every time Thursday night rolls around. So pass this list of seven party themes on to all your super cool friends who are stuck on the notion that a “nerd” party is really original and a great idea.

Periodic table of elements theme: come dressed as your favorite element, even if you have no idea what it is! Fly your real nerd flag high!

Stuff that sucks theme: Break out that “Team Edward” T-Shirt we know you have in the back of your closet, or go as a Kardashian!

Cool dead people theme: Pick your favorite dead guy! Have a drink with Abe Lincoln, or play beer pong with Michael Jackson! The possibilities really are endless here.

You are what you drink: Do you enjoy the occasional Sex on the Beach? Then rock sex hair and a bikini. Is tequila and lime more your style? Then it’s sombrero time.

Walk of shame theme: This is nice because you don’t even have to do your hair, or makeup, or shower for that matter. This is all about the “day after” look, so ladies feel free to hold your heels around all night (sweet).

Barbarians and librarians Theme: Similar to the much overdone CEO’s and Office Hoes Theme, but much funnier. Don’t be afraid to utilize loincloths.

What used to be cool theme: Break out the blue eyeliner and $70 Abercrombie & Fitch tank we know you have from middle school.