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Honor national handwriting day by finding out what your pencil says about you


Happy National Handwriting Day! “Who cares?” you may ask, especially since nowadays people are all about typing and texting.

You may think that what your first grade teacher once said about how important it is to learn cursive can be thrown out the window for more practical life lessons.
But not today!

I bet you didn’t know that your handwriting, especially in cursive, carries a lot of weight into your relationships, characteristics and can teach you a lot about a person.

There are even specialists that analyze handwriting, in CIA and FBI investigations and also tests you can take online to uncover your true self

That’s why today, we are celebrating your unique handwriting and uncovering what your handwriting says about you, according to Real Simple magazine.

To the left: You work alone or enjoy being more behind the scenes

To the right: You are a social butterfly and like to open with people.

Not Slanting: You are a realist and tend to put up a barrier between your emotions

Small: you are often shy and tend to be more focused on things such as work and school.

Large: You are a bubbly and outgoing individual. Often you like the limelight and don’t shy away too easily from attention.

Average: you’re adaptable and likable

Closed for e: You are skeptical of situations, like to think things through fully before plunging in.

Open for e: You are adventurous and like to be wild and open to trying new things

Round s: You avoid conflict, love to please everyone and always look for a compromise.

Point s: You are more studious and intellectual. You love learning new things and are very ambitious.