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Pantone spring 2013 color fashion report


courtesy of dexigner.com

If you find yourself feeling frisky for a fling this season, have an affair; with color.

To be sure, otherwise improper behavior is entirely acceptable this spring, as the newly announced spring 2013 Fashion Color Report by Pantone is blush worthy. A flirty array of delightfully subtle hues and tones that simply exude the essence of all things flighty — Pantone has concocted a saccharine collection for spring color wear.

And Pantone, the world renowned color classification corporation, knows color.

In the palest hues of breathy pinks, ethereal greens and cerulean blues, Pantone has imagined spring as it is seen in nature. Tones suggestive of overtly floral and coy glances feel fresh and cool as the doldrums neutrals of winter swiftly retreat. Rising sweetly from the cold remembrances of all too recent winter we are whisked into a color scheme that pairs nicely with any straying notions.

Shades of “Zesty Yellow,” “Dusk Blue” and “Grayed Jade” certainly sound as intriguing as they appear. Brilliant colors indeed, that transition gracefully between altering seasonal wardrobes.

As spring is a season of whimsy and flippant regard, dress your most bold behavior in the softest shades Pantone so divinely arranged. You’ll be flirting most fashionably with disaster.