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How to react when a sex scene comes on when you’re with your parents

1) If you’ve seen the film and T.V. show before, and you know the sex is coming, conveniently leave the room. Get up to pour yourself a drink or grab a snack in the kitchen, let the dog out, go to the restroom, or take a fake phone call.

2) Persevere. Sit stone-faced and don’t move an inch. Don’t portray any emotion.

3) Awkwardly laugh and tell your parents, “This is totally not how I did it last time!”

4) Burn your house down, change names, leave the country.

5) Fast-forward.

6) Take off your shoe and throw it through the screen.

7) After the scene, initiate ‘the talk’ with your parents.

8) Close your eyes and exclaim “Ew, gross!”

9) Critique the scene’s lighting, the actors’ performances, the cinematography, etc.

10) Act normal because you’re a mature individual