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Student loans: a necessary evil

I was scrolling through the Internet the other day, because, like many of us, it’s the only thing that occupies my life when I have free time, and I stumbled on a scary pumpkin carving.

It was a really, really scary pumpkin. Carved into the tough orange skin read the words, “Student Loans,” and I screamed and called my mom crying.

Well, this didn’t exactly happen, but it definitely reminded me of the reality of my current financial situation and gave me a glimpse into my economically burdened future.

But then I got to thinking- student loans are sort of a good thing, if you feel like looking at the glass half full.

When the money isn’t there, student loans are. Mind you, if college wasn’t so expensive in the first place the money wouldn’t need to be there and students across the country wouldn’t have to worry about their looming loans after graduation.

But for the time being, student loans are A-OK. They’ve given me a chance to live off campus, and pay for the part of my books and tuition that scholarships and my savings account aren’t able to.

For the time being, student loans give us an opportunity to go to the University of Arizona, arguably the best university in the country, though I may be biased.