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Community Chatter: Presidential debates

Have the presidential debates affected your decision for the upcoming election?

“They have not. I’ve been pretty solidified in my decision since basically the last presidency.”

— Cassidy Johnson, film and television production freshman

“I just think that what they have to say really about it doesn’t really affect who I’m going to pick. I know already. But I feel like it affects some other people’s vote.”

— Bradford Jellison, pre-education freshman

“Not really because I already know basically what I’m voting based on and whatever they say isn’t going to change my opinion necessarily.”

— Michael Montoya, environmental sciences sophomore

“I don’t think they’re going to affect my vote just because I personally like Obama and I always have … I just don’t get a good vibe from Romney. I really don’t think the debates have changed my vote.”

— Hailee Singley, pre-public health freshman

“I think maybe to an extent, maybe strengthening or weakening my opinion. I usually get most of my data from my parents and I do enjoy watching the debates. I think Obama’s done a nice job where he’s at and I look forward to seeing him and … Romney battle that a little bit more.”

— Calvin Burns, physiology senior