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Community Chatter: Women's reproductive rights & the election

Given all the controversy regarding politicians’ remarks about rape and abortion, what role do you think women’s reproductive rights should play in the presidential election?

“I think it should play somewhat of a role. They’re important issues because they affect half the population. It seems like … men are making decisions for women even though it’s kind of like their [women’s] decision … I think everybody should have their free rights … Morals and all that religious stuff affecting people’s decision shouldn’t be. Separation of church and state. “
Kevin Foiles, history junior

“I think that women should have the right to choose but at the same time I value life, so I believe that anything should be done in order for that baby to have life. But I mean it’s the woman’s choice … I think it’s a really important issue.”
Connor Ahern, pre-business freshman

“I feel like women should make their own choices. I mean, you’re the one carrying the baby and it’s your body. You should be able to make your own choice of what you get to do with it. Discussing it [the issue] hasn’t really even helped it so, I mean, discussing it more doesn’t seem like it’ll do anything. “
Germe Poston, public health junior

“I do think it’s a major role because it’s a serious issue that nationwide we face … I definitely think that it needs to be one of the primary focuses in the election. We need to be made more aware of it.”
Max Gross, pre-business freshman