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UA South now UA Sierra Vista

The University of Arizona’s south campus changed its name to UA Sierra Vista on Tuesday.

The campus, originally known as UA Sierra Vista, was an outlying satellite campus founded in 1995. The name changed to UA South in 1999, when the Arizona Board of Regents made the campus an official branch of the main University of Arizona.

The reason for the change back to its original name is because the faculty wanted the name to encompass the surrounding cities that made up and influenced the southern campus accurately.

“We want it to reflect the community we’re in,” said Jim Shockey, dean of UA Sierra Vista. “The UA South name doesn’t focus on the other locations.”

Shockey also said that because one of UA President Ann Weaver Hart’s goals is to engage more deeply in the community, he thought it necessary to change the campus name back to UA Sierra Vista.

“UA South doesn’t reflect what we do in Sierra Vista,” Shockey said.

UA Sierra Vista is intended to benefit students who want to earn a university degree without having to leave Sierra Vista. Between 900 and 1,000 students are enrolled in the Sierra Vista campus.