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UAPD officer charged with DUI no longer employed at UA

A University of Arizona Police Department officer who was arrested for driving under the influence in February is no longer employed by the UA, sources confirmed Tuesday.

Andrea Smiley, associate vice president of university relations and communications, confirmed that Sgt. John McGrath does not work for the UA anymore, but said that she could not comment on whether it was related to his DUI arrest earlier in the year.

McGrath was arrested on charges of a super-extreme DUI on Feb. 1 after crashing a UAPD department vehicle into a wall on Speedway Boulevard at 76 miles per hour, according to police reports.

Tucson Police Department responded to the scene of the accident. TPD reported McGrath’s blood alcohol level tested .308 on a breathalyzer test, more than three times the legal limit. McGrath refused to perform multiple standard field sobriety tests.

McGrath was placed on paid administrative suspension during UAPD’s investigation. UAPD declined to comment on the reasons for McGrath’s departure from the UA or if it was related to his arrest, but Tucson News Now reported that McGrath was fired.

McGrath faces criminal charges related to the accident.