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ASUA to host debate viewing in Cellar Bistro

A debate viewing on Tuesday night hosted by ASUA and ASA in the Cellar Bistro will feature free food and giveaways in an effort to increase civic engagement among students.

Giveaway prizes will include shirts, sunglasses and bottle openers outfitted with Arizona Students’ Association’s vote campaign slogan “Don’t just watch, vote 2012.”

Organizers said the event is intended to be non-partisan, and strictly serve as a way to inform students about the election and current issues.

“We don’t care who people vote for,” said ASA Director Dylan Duniho. “We just want people to be informed and to have access to information on both candidates so they can make their own personal opinion.”

The Associated Students of the University of Arizona also aims to provide voter education to students so they can come and cast their ballots at the voting booth in the organization’s offices.

“It’s going to be a really fun way to be in-the-know about what’s going on nationally,” said ASUA President Katy Murray. “I’m really excited to get our students engaged not only locally, here, but what’s going on at the national level.”

Jordan King, vice chairman of ASA’s board of directors, explained that it’s important for students to go to the event because they can receive a more well-rounded understanding of who they want to lead the country.

“Now that we have registered many students [to vote], they will have an opportunity to really understand the stances of the two presidents,” King said. “Especially since the candidates will be given questions from the audience.”

The organizations’ last presidential debate viewing as part of the Rad, White and Blue Block Party saw a turnout that filled all 150 chairs.

Based on the turnout for the last viewing, Murray said she expects Tuesday’s debate showing to be large as well. Duniho suggests students show up at 5:30 p.m. to ensure a seat.

“No matter who is deemed the winner of the debate, the real winner is the audience,” Duniho said. “If they show up and they get more informed from the debate and they cast a more educated vote, that’s great.”