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ASUA divided over season tickets for student veterans

Association Students of the University of Arizona Senators were unified in swearing in Morgan Abraham as the new ASUA Senator, but were divided in deciding four season tickets for veteran students.

ASUA officials swore in Morgan Abraham at the beginning of the meeting so that he could sit in on the issues presented at the meeting on Oct. 17.

An issue that has been brought up for the past three meetings is Sen. Taylor Ashton’s proposal to provide four season tickets to the student veterans association for $1,606. The item was tabled at the last two meetings, but this meeting a decision was made.

Sen. Ashton made sure to cover all his bases on trying to get discounts on the season tickets for the veterans, as that had been an issue at previous meetings. Despite these efforts, senators voted twice to provide for tickets, but the motion was killed. A motion to provide three tickets was called to vote on afterwards and the motion was still objected.

A miscommunication between the senators appeared to be present as Sen. Valerie Hanna pointed out that the senate kept saying they would get together in the past three weeks to talk about the issue, but didn’t. Sen. Danielle Novelly explained that Sen. Ashton told the senate that if anyone felt strongly on the issue of providing the tickets, then seek him out. Sen. Logan Bilby on the other hand felt that it was Sen. Ashton’s job to talk to them.

Tension among the senators was finally relieved when they came to a six to four vote agreement to provide two season tickets to the student veterans for $808.

ASUA President Katy Murray asked that the senate approve the appointed ASUA Supreme Court Justice and other justices at the meeting. They approved the appointment. The Supreme Court Justice is the ASUA judicial branch that settles election disputes and individuals that have issues with the ASUA bylaws.