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ASUA hosts annual Homecoming Club Olympics

ASUA keeps the tradition alive, once again hosting the Homecoming Club Olympics.

The Bobcats Senior Honorary and the ASUA Club Resource Center planned the three-day event where clubs compete in activities and gain points based on spirit, attendance, and winning individual events.
At the end of the week, winners are announced and will receive $1000 for first place, $500 for second place and $250 for third place.

On Tuesday, the red, white and blue relay consisted of five events. The first was the chicken race in which one club member had to run a certain distance with a ball in between their legs and drop it similarly to hatching an egg.

The second event was the egg walk where one member had a spoon in their mouth and had to walk a certain distance with an egg on the spoon and try not to drop it.

The third event was the dizzy bat balloon toss where one club member spins several times around a plastic bat and then pitched a water balloon that they try to hit.

The fourth event was a three-person, four-legged race.

The fifth and final event for the relay was flip cup, but with water or soda in the cups.

On Wednesday the clubs will be compete to “Conquer the Colorado,” racing through a blow-up obstacle course.

On Thursday clubs will compete head to head to wrap up the Olympics with the battle the buffs tug-of-war. It’s like regular tug-of-war with a twist – it’s in a giant mud pit.

Check out the full list of Homecoming Club Olympics events: