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ASUA Senate seeks student input on tobacco-free campus

ASUA senators discussed a resolution to make the UA a tobacco-free campus at their weekly meeting Wednesday night.

The Student Health Advocacy Committee proposed the initiative which will be voted on at next week’s meeting.

Morgan Abraham, ASUA president, said that while he is in favor of the initiative, he plans on taking into account input from students, which was part of the platform on which he ran.

“This year we’re trying to put the focus and the emphasis on the students, so we’re actually going to be hosting a public forum on the tobacco issue,” Abraham said. “We’re really, really excited about that.”

Along with the forum, Morgan said he plans to use polls and a focus group to get students’ opinions on the issue. He added that ASUA will hold several forums dealing with various issues that affect students.

Zac Miller, vice chair of the ASUA senate said that although he is in favor of eliminating secondhand smoke on campus, he does not feel it is the senate’s place to make personal decisions for students.

“I don’t think that as a senate class representing a student body we should say, ‘We don’t want you to smoke,’” he said, adding that if the resolution were to be passed, it would be done more for the non-smoking students and faculty.

If the resolution is approved by the Senate, it would represent a strong show of support for the initiative, which will be officially voted on by the Faculty Senate in the next month or two, Abraham said.

The initiative, which would prohibit smoking on all UA controlled property, would be gradually implemented over the course of about a year, he said.