Savvy robot

In society today, it seems that technology is ever present. From our smartphones, computers, to other latest gadgets. Even though some claim that this is just breeding a new population of lazier, less skilled individuals, you have to admit that a lot of these new technologies are rather efficient.

They make our lives that much easier and that is exactly the case with the latest robot from Bond Gifts, a company based in New York.

This robot is unique in that in can write thank-you letters mimicking a variety of handwriting styles to make them look more authentic. Unlike a printer, the robot manually moves a pen back and forth to mimic handwriting patterns.

Not only that, but the cost is reasonable, with the first note being free and the following notes after only being at $5.

This latest technology is really beneficial for college students in particular.

Students are meeting with potential employers and interviewing with some top companies. We all know that there is certain etiquette with interviews and that includes sending a personalized thank you letter to the employer and recruit. We all know as well that many of our handwriting skills have become less adequate to say the least, over the years. By having this new resource, it could ease the stress of either not doing it or being too embarrassed of our handwriting.

Even though this seems like something trivial, it’s an essential skill that as college students we don’t necessarily prioritize or spend a lot of time thinking about. But that’s the point exactly. This requires little effort but it can affect us greatly now and in the future, especially if that one letter helped secure your dream job. So, I would definitely say this is one new technology we should all embrace.

Check it out for yourself here