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GAME BLOG: Arizona vs Washington


Larry Hogan / Arizona Daily Wildcat


END OF GAME; Arizona 52, Washington 17

While I thought the Wildcats would pull it out, I did not expect domination like this. Most impressively the defense actually stepped up tonight.

Here’s the game recap.


It’s officially scrub time here. The reserves are all over the field on both offense and defense.


More stats!

Arizona now has four sacks this game, which is way more than any game this year or last. The most before this game was two, and if my math holds up, four is more than two.

Also, the attendance reached 50,148 fans at its highest point. So I guess family weekend did mean something.

P.S. You can probably tell this game is slowing down now. The fans seem to agree as there’s been a mass exodus from Arizona Stadium. But I don’t blame them, you know the game is over when B.J. Denker enters the game. Vanilla Vick time!!


Just a little bit of a history lesson:

Carey’s 172 yards are impressive, but not even in Arizona’s top-18 all-time. Nic Grigsby, whose the last player listed, had 189 against Washington State in 2008. If Carey gets seven more attempts he will set the all-time attempts mark (35 carries by Chris Henry in 2006). So basically, neither are going to happen.


TOUCHDOWN Arizona; UA 52, UW 17

Carey finally gets on the board and puts the exclamation point on his career-best night. Carey has 172 rushing yards and one reception for two yards, with just one mistake on the fumble. Carey’s touchdown gives him 11, which is fourth all-time in Arizona history and 10 away from tying the record.


END OF THE 3RD QUARTER; Arizona 45, Washington 17

I really like Arizona’s new tradition of running to the other side of the field at the end of the third quarter. That has to have a huge psychological effect on the opposing team. I know I’d be nervous if my opponent was lively enough in the fourth quarter to sprint for no reason.


Punter Kyle Dugandzic with his first action of the game, a 39-yard kick. I’m not impressed, but I guess he was probably getting a little rusty on the sideline.


Grandon might not get the earful from Rodriguez after all.

The free safety atones for his earlier brain fart with an interception in the end zone. He also decided to return it, which I usually frown upon, be he got it out to the 29-yard-line so I guess it was the right decision.


I mentioned the Hill stiff arm earlier, but my quick little description couldn’t do it justice.

Here’s a GIF to put it in its proper context.


Free safety Jourdon Grandon with a nice double-penalty play. He broke up a potential first down, but hit Seferian-Jenkins in the helmet and received a personal foul. Then after the play activity moved it up even farther for a 27-yard penalty.

That’s the second time the sophomore has had two penalties in a row. Rich Rod won’t be happy.


TOUCHDOWN Arizona; UA 45, UW 17

WOW! Now I’ve seen everything. Arizona has been one of the worst punt and kick return teams in the nation, but junior Richard Morrison just took back a punt 63-yards to the house. That was the Wildcats first punt return since Bug Wright’s in 2009.

Also, the point I was about to make before Morrison took it back – the pressure Arizona is getting is completely out of character. The Wildcats had just six sacks coming into the game (tied 107th overall) and only had 10 total last year.

They have three this game and intense pressure by Bondurant forced the fourth down which resulted in the punt return.


TOUCHDOWN Arizona; UA 38, UW 17

After being shut out nearly the entire first half, Arizona’s top receiver Austin Hill has come alive. Hill has two catches, two touchdowns and 70 yards.

His latest, a 17-yard reception, was finished off with a nasty stiff arm to the face of the Washington defender. Earlier I said Carey was going to go “Beast Mode” and he has with 131 yards on 23 touches. But Hill’s stiff arm was the essence of the Marshawn Lynch-inspired term.


Some impressive sloppiness there. On the first play of the second half, Carey coughed the ball up at the end of a 17-yard run and the Huskies recovered.

Not to be outdone, Price immediately fumbled the ball back after linebacker Marquis Flowers hit him in the back field. Defensive tackle Dan Pettinato recovered the fumble.


And the second half is off! Arizona will start with the ball at its own 25-yard-line.

Also, it looks like there is some NFL-talent out on the field tonight. Four NFL scouts are in attendance, representing the Oakland Raiders, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings and Cleveland Browns.


HALFTIME; Arizona 31, Washington 17

In case my recap hasn’t been good enough, here’s the official one with stats and everything. Also, Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott is in the building and we will have a story on what he says shortly.


TOUCHDOWN Washington; UA 31, UW 17

Washington came away with a vital touchdown there after the turnover. This game looked like it was almost slipping away from the Huskies, especially since Arizona starts with the ball in the second half, but the interception and ensuing one-yard touchdown run by Bishop Sankey keeps this a ball game.


And of course it means absolutely nothing as Scott got crushed right as he was throwing, knocking the ball straight up in the air for an easy interception by redshirt freshman Travis Feeney.

Feeney, who was originally an Arizona commit before choosing Washington, returned it to the UA 4-yard-line before Scott took him down.


Washington with a stupid mistake there. A Huskies lineman jumped offside on a fourth and one where the Wildcats were punting. Instead of getting the ball back with a minute left, they gave Arizona another life.


Mainly just so I can say something non-touchdown related, Arizona recorded its second sack of the game (unbelievable, I know!). The Wildcats utility man, Taimi Tutogi, came away with the sack and now has way more tackles, two, than his brother Thomas, Washington’s linebacker, who has zero.


TOUCHDOWN Arizona; UA 31, UW 10

Well, that was equally as fast. Arizona immediately answers with a three play, 75-yard drive that took a whole 1:04 to complete. Scott hit a wide open Austin Hill for a 53-yard score and the longest pass play of the season.

Big plays haven’t exactly been Arizona’s strong suit this season.


TOUCHDOWN Washington; UA 24, UW 10

Arizona’s three-score lead was short-lived as Washington flew 75 yards down the field on a five play drive that took just 1:02.

Price hit giant tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins for a six yard touchdown. The big man has 83 yards on five catches.


TOUCHDOWN Arizona; UA 24, UW 3

Receiver of the week Garic Wharton slipped past the Washington secondary and Scott hit him comfortably for a 33-yard touchdown.

Wharton, who isn’t one of the four starting receivers on the depth chart, has two catches for 40 yards. Both of those are career-highs, considering his only catch of his career was a 6-yard grab against FBS South Carolina State.


A nice lull in the action there as Washington went three and out but a timeout followed by a booth review made it take forever. Obviously they called a TV timeout after Washington’s Coons punted the ball 39 yards.

The Wildcats take over possession at the UA 38-yard-line with a chance to build on their lead with approximately half of the second quarter left.


TOUCHDOWN Arizona, UA 17, UW 3

Arizona capitalizes on the turnover with a classic Rich Rod-style drive, running 10 times and passing just once while only taking 3:46 off the clock.

Scott punched the ball in on an option read from one yard out to give the Wildcats the two touchdown lead. Also, the seniors decision to not give it to Carey (who would have scored if he got it) really hurts Ka’Deem’s Heisman Candidacy.

OK, that was a joke, but Carey is on pace to challenge Art Luppino’s school-record 21 rushing touchdowns. Carey currently has 10 rushing touchdowns (and one receiving, but that doesn’t count).


This is mind-boggling – the Wildcats just followed up the sack with an interception. Tra’Mayne Bondurant snagged the lazy pass and returned it 43 yards.

That also means Price has an equal number of touchdowns and interceptions this season. Considering how amazing his sophomore season was (33 touchdowns to only 11 picks) he has really had a junior slump. Yes, I know that phrase doesn’t exist, but since it’s his second season playing I think it counts.


It’s a sack!

Arizona actually got pressure in the back field and linebacker Hank Hobson and defensive tackle Reggie Gilbert took down quarterback Keith Price to set up a 3rd and 20 for Washington.


END OF THE 1ST QUARTER; Arizona 10, Washington 3

Check out Zack Rosenblatt’s recap on the opening quarter.


FIELD GOAL Arizona; UA 10, UW 3

Wow, Bonano actually hit it. The senior kicker blasted the ball through the uprights from 24 yards out. Well done sir, well done.


On a third and goal, Scott threw the ball directly at the Washington defender but Carey made a nice defensive play and swatted the ball out of the arms of linebacker John Timu.

Even if Arizona would have made something happen on that play, it wouldn’t have mattered. The UA had an ineligible receiver down field but Washington declined the penalty, making it fourth down. Head coach Rich Rodriguez might be forced into sending Bonano out for a short kick, his Kryptonite.


This just in Toledo (7-1) upset No. 21 Cincinnati 29-23 in the day’s only upset. Literally, it’s been the only one.

In case you somehow forgot, Arizona beat Toledo 24-17 in overtime to open up the season. Also, if you’re bad at math, that means Toledo is undefeated since its loss to the Wildcats. The win is quickly turning into an impressive mark on the UA resume.

7:23 TOUCHDOWN Arizona; UA 7, UW 3

Quarterback Matt Scott hits redshirt freshman David Richards in stride from 27 yards out for the game’s opening touchdown.

Scott had a nice little drive, 2-for-2 for 36 yards, but the real star was CBSSports.com Midseason All-America Second-Team Ka’Deem Carey who had 39 yards on five carries.

Carey might go “Beast Mode” this game against Washington’s porous run defense. UW ranks 86th in total run defense, one spot below Arizona.


FIELD GOAL Washington; UW 3, UA 0

The Huskies decided against going for it on another fourth down and settled for the long field goal. In a rarity for a Pac-12 kicker, Washington’s Travis Coons converted the kick from 43 yards out.


Gutsy call by Washington to go for it on fourth and three on the Arizona 33 yard-line. Cornerback Johnathan McKnight had a shot at stopping the short pass at the line of scrimmage, but he wildly missed the tackle and UW’s Bishop Sankey converted the first down.


In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Wildcats are sporting pink gloves and the cheerleaders have pink pom poms. Also Patrick “Peanut” Onwuasor is starting at Bandit in place of Tevis. I’ll keep you updated if he eventually enters the game.


And we’re off! Washington won the toss but decided to receive (weird, right?). The Huskies had a nice return, and kicker John Bonano made the tackle along with senior Mark Watley, but there was a block in the back.

Washington will start the game at its own 10 yard-line.


The stadium might not be very full (though it is filling in as we approach game time) but former Wildcat greats Nick Foles and Antoine Cason are in the house. So there’s that.

Also it looks like safety Jared Tevis has suited up and could start tonight. That’s huge for the Arizona defense as they’ve struggled mightily since he was injured early in the Oregon State game.


With the National Anthem concluded and the game about to start, let’s take a look around the nation. Unfortunately there wasn’t a single upset so far, so instead I’ll be West Coast biased and just look at the Pac-12.

-No. 11 USC easily destroyed Colorado 50-6 and apparently quarterback Matt Barkley had a good game (He only threw six touchdowns, four of which were caught by receiver Robert Woods).

-No. 20 Stanford made a mockery of the Big Game and shutdown Cal 21-3. As much as Cal tries, they really aren’t a good team this year. Head coach Jeff Tedford is firmly on the hot seat.

-And in case you missed it, No. 3 Oregon rolled against ASU in Tempe on Thursday night 43-21, with two of the Sun Devils touchdowns coming in garbage time.


Here are a couple of interesting headlines coming into the game tonight (check out the preview here.)

-In honor of family weekend, the Tutogi brothers are going head-to-head.

-Quarterback Matt Scott is taking on a stout Washington pass defense, led by cornerback Desmond Trufant, brother of NFL-er Marcus Trufant

-This game represents the midway point for both teams and will determine what direction they’ll take in the second half of the season.


Arizona is pulling out the red uniforms for the game tonight. The only other time the wore red, it was in the upset game against then-No. 18 Oklahoma State. Foreshadowing?? Probably not, since Washington is an 8.5 point underdog in Vegas and its hard to upset a team you’re favored against.

Still, I’m a big fan of the white, red, white. Win or lose, at least the Wildcats will be looking good tonight. The Huskies also have some cool gold helmets to go with their all white.


We’re here at Arizona Stadium as the Wildcats (3-3, 0-3 Pac-12) take on the Huskies (3-3, 1-2 Pac-12) for a Family Weekend match-up. It’s an hour before kickoff and the enthusiasm for this game is evident. Students have piled into the Zona Zoo, filling up a little less than a third of it… at best. Ouch.

Apparently a three game losing streak and an unranked opponent equals students not showing up. With that said, I actually think this game will be a really entertaining game. The dedicated few should be in store for a show.

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