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Arizona softball game day guide

Arizona softball’s Hillenbrand Stadium has a reputation for being tough on visitors, but this year road work will make it a little hard on fans too.

Construction of the modern street car project will continue outside of Hillenbrand for the whole season. Hillenbrand is not accessible from the north side of Second Street or the west side of Warren Avenue and the Warren Underpass is closed.

There isn’t much parking near the stadium and on weekdays until 5 p.m., the normal UA parking rules are in effect.

There is a small parking lot next to the UAPD building. There is a bigger parking lot between First Street and Speedway Boulevard.

The infield seats have been sold out since the early 1990s, but outfield seating, Candrea’s Corner, is available. Day of game ticket prices are slightly more expensive.

UA sells Print at Home tickets, which allow you to by pass the line as the stadium fills up quickly, especially during Pac-12 play.

Acting too slow could mean standing room only tickets by the bullpens.

Red and Blue ZonaZoo membership gets you into games but it is on a first come, first serve basis.
UA has led the nation in attendance nine times and set an NCAA record in 2011 with 77,129 fans. The Wildcats have averaged over 2,000 fans a game for the last four years, 2,328 per game last year.

Arizona has gone 563-61 at Hillenbrand Stadium since it opened in 1993.

Many fans are dropped off at the stadium, but the street is closed right in front of the ticket office, so a new drop-off spot is designated on Warren Avenue, the first base side. There is no parking there and it can be accessed from Cherry Avenue by turning east onto Hawthorne Street and north onto Warren.

Softball season runs from February to May. Bring your mittens to non conference games and be sure to hydrate for late season day games.

Don’t empty your pockets though, “pocket litter” has been a Hillenbrand staple for years. The opening day pocket litter was a receipt for something from the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.

-James Kelley is a softball beat reporter. Follow @WildcatSports and @jameskelley520 on Twitter.