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Multicast video solution a look into the future of sports entertainment

The future of the fan experience is making its entrance into the sports industry, and it is called Cisco StadiumVision Mobile. It is a multicast video solution that will bring high-quality video to mobile phones and tablets, and will allow attendees conveniences such as ordering food from their phones for pick-up at the concessions.

This new feature raises the question of whether fans will actually pay attention to the game if they have videos streaming on their phone. The solution is actually expected to improve the fan experience by providing instant replay, stats, trivia contests, and an alternate-view channel that can show a behind-the-scenes look at the dugout or the bench. With a constant increase in demand to be connected, fans can interact more than ever with this solution.

This system requires a venue that has a Cisco Connected Stadium Wi-Fi network. So far, three stadiums have implemented this network: Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, home to Real Madrid, Barclays Center, home to the Brooklyn Nets, and Sporting Park in Kansas City.

The solution has a high scalability, which avoids the issue of slow download speed due to a highly congested area of people competing over Wi-Fi. This means tens of thousands of fans could be watching the same video at the same high speed.

Basic Wi-Fi is not even a common luxury now in most stadiums. Chase Field, home to the Arizona Diamondbacks, is one of the few MLB stadiums that hosts internet access to its guests. It will take time before we will actually know how well this StadiumVision Mobile innovation works, but either way it accommodates the new generation of fans with higher demands.

-Megan Coghlan is the online sports editor. Follow @WildcatSports and @MeganCoghlan on Twitter.