Daily Wildcat staff picks: Best sports movies of all time

There are a select few movies that really capture the spirit of the game, the determination, and the passion that goes behind sports. There are ones that make us cry, make us think, or make us want to get out there on the field. The Daily Wildcat sports desk has come together to discuss those movies that encompass our passion for the game, what we dedicate our job to.

Field of Dreams (1989)- Evan Rosenfeld, softball and swimming beat reporter. @EvanRosenfeld17
“This movie is a true classic. You can’t write a movie much better than that.”

Remember the Titans (2000)- Kendra Kautz, gymnastics and track and field beat reporter. @KendraKautz
“How could you not love Denzel Washington? His character is so real and hilarious but intense at the same time. The movie demonstrates how sport is powerful enough to bring people together that are different in so many ways.”

Greatest Game Ever Played (2005)- Megan Coghlan, online sports editor. @MeganCoghlan
“I love this movie not just because I love golf, but by the end of it I find my eyes are welled up and there is a lump in my throat, when I didn’t even know Shia LaBeouf could make me cry.”

Space Jam (1996)- Scarlett McCourt, track and field beat reporter. @scarlettnoelani
“Michael Jordan saves the world from an alien race. Hello, if this doesn’t prove that MJ is the greatest basketball player of all time…I don’t know what does.”

Miracle (2004)- James Kelley, hockey, softball beat reporter. @jameskelley520
“Miracle featured the biggest upset ever and it’s the best sports movie. It captured the lack of confidence in the USA after our losing streaks in the 1970’s and how improbable it was for the American college kids to beat the Soviet professionals in the 1980 Olympics.”

Rudy (1993)- Cameron Moon, sports editor. @MoonCameron20
“The story of Notre Dame’s Rudy Ruettiger is one I admire greatly for his perseverance and the movie just makes you feel good after watching it.”

Hoosiers (1986) -Kyle Johnson, basketball, baseball, and football beat reporter. @KyleJohnsonUA
“While there might be better movies involving sports (The Fighter and Silver Linings Playbook for example), when I think of a sports movie Hoosiers immediately comes to mind. High school basketball in Indiana with a main character named Shooter? A true story? Drinking? What more could you ask for?”

Hoop Dreams (1994)- Luke Della, baseball, women’s basketball, and football beat reporter. @LukeDellaDW
“The 1994 documentary does a fantastic job of following the life of two Chicago inner-city boys from middle school till they graduate high school as they chase their dreams. I challenge any current college student, whether they are aware of the social issues that are in poorer communities or not, to watch this documentary and not look at their own situation with a different perspective.”