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Friday, 10:00pm, September 8th, 2017 - September 9th, 2019

Loft Cinema 3233 E Speedway Blvd Arizona Tucson 85716

He said he’d be back, and here he is, in a brand-new 3D conversion of the 1991 blockbuster, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, overseen by director James Cameron himself! Don’t miss this newly-immersive 3D version of one of the greatest action flicks of all-time! A decade after the original Terminator wreaked havoc on Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton), Arnold Schwarzenegger returns as another Model 101 cyborg. This, time, however, he’s reprogrammed and teleported to the past to protect Sarah’s young son John (Edward Furlong) from a newer, more advanced, and even deadlier Terminator: the T-1000 (a chilling Robert Patrick), made entirely of shape-shifting liquid metal and bent on killing the boy before he can fulfill his destiny and lead the human resistance in the future war with the tyrannical machines. Together, John, Sarah, and Arnie’s good Terminator must try to defeat the seemingly indestructible T-1000 and prevent a nuclear war on Judgment Day from occurring and wiping out the human race. The battle for tomorrow has begun! Director James Cameron’s relentless, brain-blasting 1991 sci-fi sequel took cinematic special effects to eye-popping new heights and upped the ante with a spectacular second chapter that raised the bar for all action films that followed. (Dir. by James Cameron, 1991, USA, 137 mins., Rated R)