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Gallery: Wildcats take on the Golden Bears, round two

The Wildcats took on the California Golden Bears at McKale Center on Wednesday evening. Arizona won 87-59 against Cal.

Southwest Indian Art Fair

The University of Arizona hosted the Southwest Indian art show and market this weekend. Culture filled the campus as art, performances, and food were available to guests on the Arizona State Museum’s front lawn. Hundreds of Native artists displayed their work, talked with those who were interested in the cultural significance behind the art over the two-day celebration.

Photo 1-5: Members of the Zuni tribe perform a variety of ceremonial dances outside of the Arizona State Museum on Sunday at the Southwest Indian Art Fair.

Photo 6: Francisco Santiago, a member of the Oaxaca tribe, demonstrates traditional weaving styles for Nate Krumm and Kate Allan. Symbolism in this particular rug include diamonds, the eye of god, and raindrops.

Photo 7: Diego (left) and Fabian (center) Behshad and Carla Carpenter (right) enjoy various indigenous cuisine on Sunday during the fair.

Photo 8: Ruth Teller weaves a small textile piece at the Southwest Indian Arts Fair. Teller, age 87, has been practicing traditional forms of weaving for the majority of her life.

Brewer's Choice

On Friday, protesters marched against Arizona Senate Bill 1062, which would allow businesses to refuse service to patrons due to religious beliefs. The bill has been passed by the Arizona Legislature and awaits Gov. Jan Brewer’s decision.

Photo 1: The protest march is led by a group of young people holding a sign that says “Bash Back.” Protesters marched from Fourth Avenue to the governor’s office on Congress Street and Granada Avenue.

Photo 2: Tucson community members gather at the local Wingspan to protest S.B. 1062. They marched through downtown Tucson toward the governor’s office on Congress Street and Granada Avenue yelling “Veto!” and “S.B. 1062, it’s bad for me and it’s bad for you!”

Photo 3: At the S.B. 1062 protest on Friday afternoon, House Rep. Demion Clinco (D-District 2), the only openly homosexual representative from Arizona, shared his opposition for the bill.

Photo 4: At the protest, House Rep. Ethan Orr (R-District 9) shares his reasons for opposing S.B. 1062, calling it uncivil and discriminatory.

Photo 5: Kristen Birner (center), a member of the LGBT&S Alliance Fund, protests S.B. 1062 in front of the governor’s office with her partner (right).

Photo 6: Tucson community members gather at the local Wingspan to protest S.B. 1062, then march through downtown Tucson towards the governor’s office. The march was organized by Wingspan, a nonprofit community center dedicated to protecting LGBT rights.

Photo 7: A woman at the march holds a sign reading, “Discrimination cloaked in your religious freedom is still discrimination!”

Gallery: Sun Devils upset Wildcats

Arizona took on ASU on Friday at Wells Fargo Arena in a game that ran into double overtime. Arizona lead 26-21 at the half but the Sun Devils won 69-66.

Gallery: Wildcats take on the Beavers

Arizona took on the Oregon State Beavers at McKale Center on Sunday. During the first half Arizona jumped out to a 10 point lead 27-37. During the second half, Arizona extended its lead against the Beavers, 54-76. The win was the Wildcats’ 23rd of the season.

Gallery: Wildcats vs the Ducks

Arizona Wildcats won 67-65 against Oregon Ducks at McKale Center on Thursday evening.

Gallery: UA Wildcats vs UU Utes

ZonaZoo yelled “A.R.I.Z.O.N.A.” as Arizona Wildcats took on the Utah Utes in an intense game that left fans standing in McKale Center on Sunday. After a struggle to gain points during the first half, UA came back and gained control of the score board during the second half.
Arizona beat the Utah Utes, 65-56.

Gallery: Wildcat Mens basketball vs CU buffaloes

Wildcats defeated CU Buffaloes 69-57 at McKale Center on Thursday. Wildcats reached 19-0 and tied the modern school record.

Marching for King

When several hundred marchers made their way to the Demeester Outdoor Performance Center at Reid Park from the UA Mall Monday, they were welcomed by keynote speakers, vendors, and performing groups such as the Silver Lace Steppers, The Gospel Music Workshop of America and dancers from The Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church. The crowd was composed of people from all walks of life: politicians, retirees, educators, church leaders, children, extended families, students, city council members and youth groups. Alicia Kirkland has been attending the MLK celebration since 1992.
“Events like this bring everybody together and shows how equal we are. It also shows unity when so many people show up.”
The ceremony also included a special tribute to Nelson Mandela.

Gallery: Men's Basketball: WIldcats vs. Sun Devils

With McKale Memorial Center filled with screaming fans, ASU “boo’s”, Big Head cutouts of Aaron Gordon, Nick Johnson, Brandon Ashley, T.J. McConnell, furbies and Ron Burgundy and hardly anything but red, the UA Wildcats played against the ASU Sun Devils Thursday evening. UA won by a 23 point lead with the final score of 91-68.

Clowning around: Zoppé Family Circus

Acrobats and canine capers took over Reid Park on Sunday in a one-ring tent for the Zoppé Family Circus. The circus was brought to Tucson, for the third year in a row, through UA Presents. Audience members were pulled into the ring to participate in performances with Nino the Clown. This family circus has been performing since 1842 and prides itself on being family orientated.

Tucson educates on health: Beyond Tucson event

Many Tucson citizens of all ages came to the Beyond Tucson event at Armory Park and were educated on health and fitness on Saturday. Different UA departments participated in the event and set up booths with activities and educational pamphlets. Tucson citizens benefited from learning about being healthy through yogurt samples, Zumba dancing, interactive activities, and much more.

Mens Basketball: Wildcats vs. Huskies

On Saturday the UA Wildcats took on the Washington Huskies at the McKale Memorial center, in a game that tested the Wildcats No. 1 ranking in the country, left fans shouting and screaming “A-R-I-Z-O-N-A.”
At half time, the Washington Huskies led the scored board with a 2 point lead, while UA Wildcats kept up with the speed of the huskies. By the time of the final buzzer, UA Wildcats beat the huskies, 71-62.
The UA Wildcats still remain the No.1-ranked basketball team in the country.

AdvoCare V100 Bowl Champions: The UA Wildcats

UA and BC fans filled the Independence Stadium stands in Shreveport Louisiana to support their fellow Wildcats and Eagles during the AdvoCare V100 Bowl Game Tuesday, Dec. 31. With an interception by UA sophomore safety William Parks, three UA touchdowns by Ka’Deem Carey, William Parks and Trey Griffey and two field goals by BC kicker Nate Freese in the first half, UA leds the score board, 21-6. Then with three more UA touchdowns by Ka’Deem Carey, B.J. Denker and Trey Griffey, a BC touchdown by Andre Williams and one field goal by Nate Freese in the second half, UA Wildcats win the AdvoCare V100 Bowl Game 42-19.

AT&T Parade and Pep Rally for UA vs. BC Bowl Game

UA and Boston College football fans gathered at the Louisiana Boardwalk Monday for the AT&T Parade and Pep Rally for the AdvoCare v100 Bowl Game. The Parade includes a Mardi Gras float and the UA and BC bands, cheerleaders and floats. The parade ended in front of the Bass Pro Shop with a battle of the bands and cheers from the fans. UA Wildcats take on the Boston College Eagles at 10:30 MST Tuesday at Independence Stadium in Shreveport Louisiana.

UA's 149th Commencement Ceremony

The band started to play as more than 900 students took their seats on the floor of the red and blue McKale Center at the UA’s 149th Commencement Ceremony on Saturday morning. Families and friends of students filled the stadium from top to bottom, cheering as their students entered to take their seats. The first hour consisted of a series of speeches by representatives from the Arizona Board of Regents, Student Affairs and others. The last half hour was full of cheers as each of the college’s graduates were recognized. Students moved their tassels from left to right, and then a snowball fight with cotton balls ensued.

Men's Basketball: UA defeats UNLV

The Wildcats defeated UNLV 63-58 on Saturday at the McKale Center.

Men's Basketball: UA vs. Texas Tech

The Wildcats defeated Texas Tech 79-58 Tuesday at the McKale Center.

UA falls to ASU in final game of season

ASU defeated the Wildcats 58-21 on Saturday in Tempe.

Arizona defeats Oregon

The Wildcats defeated the Ducks 42-16 on Saturday at Arizona Stadium.