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* "What types of advertising do you offer?":/index.php/page/advertise_faq#qn01 * "Who are your readers?":/index.php/page/advertise_faq#qn02 * "Who does the online Wildcat reach?":/index.php/page/advertise_faq#qn03 * "How many issues do you print and how often do you publish?":/index.php/page/advertise_faq#qn04 * "What is your deadline?":/index.php/page/advertise_faq#qn05 * "What are the best days to advertise?":/index.php/page/advertise_faq#qn06 * "What is the minimum number of runs necessary to reach the public?":/index.php/page/advertise_faq#qn07 * "Can you guarantee my ad will get results?":/index.php/page/advertise_faq#qn08 * "What kinds of businesses advertise with the Arizona Daily Wildcat?":/index.php/page/advertise_faq#qn09 * "Do University of Arizona alumni or non-profit organizations receive any special discounts for display ads?":/index.php/page/advertise_faq#qn10 * "What are your terms of payment? Can I be billed for advertising?":/index.php/page/advertise_faq#qn11 * "What is a column inch?":/index.php/page/advertise_faq#qn12 * "What are the most popular ad sizes?":/index.php/page/advertise_faq#qn13 * "What is the best file format for sending ads?":/index.php/page/advertise_faq#qn14 * "Where can I e-mail my ad?":/index.php/page/advertise_faq#qn15 * "I don't have an ad. Can you help me design one?":/index.php/page/advertise_faq#qn16 * "Should my ad have a border?":/index.php/page/advertise_faq#qn17 * "Can I guarantee a specific page for my ad?":/index.php/page/advertise_faq#qn18 * "Can the wildcat deliver an issue with my ad in it on the day it is printed?":/index.php/page/advertise_faq#qn19 * "Can I subscribe to the wildcat?":/index.php/page/advertise_faq#qn20 * "Can I have a single contact person to manage all my advertising?":/index.php/page/advertise_faq#qn21 * "Is the wildcat a part of the university?":/index.php/page/advertise_faq#qn22 * "I want to advertise – how do I get started?":/index.php/page/advertise_faq#qn23
h3(#qn01). WHAT TYPES OF ADVERTISING DO YOU OFFER? We offer several ways for your business or organization to target and reach the "University of Arizona":http://www.arizona.edu/ market. We offer display advertisements you will see throughout the pages of every Wildcat and in our classified section. These ads can be as large as a full page or as small as 1.5" wide by 2" tall. We offer classified advertising, which contains just text and is commonly used to rent apartments, fill jobs and much more. We also offer online advertising, which consists of Leaderboards and Big Boxes that run on each page of our web site. The Wildcat offers inserts, which are sheets, flyers or booklets inserted into a newspaper. Finally, we have many special advertising opportunities such as our Campus Guide, Restaurant & Bar Guide, Housing Guide, Health & Wellness Guide, Football Preview, Basketball Preview to name a few. h3(#qn02). WHO ARE YOUR READERS? The Arizona Daily Wildcat reaches the dynamic "University of Arizona":http://www.arizona.edu/ market. This is a niche market consisting of students, faculty, staff – in short, everyone – at the University of Arizona. In total, this market is more than 51,000 people, and no medium can reach it as effectively as the Wildcat. If you want to reach the university market, we can help you do it! h3(#qn03). WHO DOES THE ONLINE WILDCAT REACH? The Online Wildcat reaches our regular print readership and much more. This includes alumni, prospective students, parents and others interested in the "University of Arizona":http://www.arizona.edu/. The online audience can access the Wildcat from anywhere around the country or around the world. h3(#qn04). HOW MANY ISSUES DO YOU PRINT AND HOW OFTEN DO YOU PUBLISH? We publish 10,000 issues Monday-Friday when school is in session (late August to early May). We publish 8,000 issues weekly on Wednesdays during the summer (early June to early August.) There are certain holiday periods where we do not publish. "You can download pages of our rate card here.":http://www.wildcat.arizona.edu/index.php/page/advertise h3(#qn05). WHAT IS YOUR DEADLINE? Our normal deadline is two business days prior to publication at 3pm MST. This is the time we need your advertising artwork, advertising order details (schedule, ad size, etc.) and payment. Special issues will have earlier deadlines of at least one week in advance. These include the Campus Guide, first and last issue of each semester, Restaurant, Bar & Entertainment Guides, Housing Guide, Football Preview, Basketball Preview, Homecoming, Family Weekend, Career Guide and Health & Wellness Guides. There might be other issues not listed here with earlier deadlines. Contact us for details. h3(#qn06). WHAT ARE THE BEST DAYS TO ADVERTISE? There are no bad days to advertise! On Monday we feature a strip of coupons called the Monday Mega Marketplace. Many commuter students only come to campus Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday; thus, it's best to advertise on different days to catch this changing population. The Friday paper is the popular weekend edition, and it stays in the racks through the weekend. Varying the days you advertise is the best way to maximize your ad exposure. h3(#qn07). WHAT IS THE MINIMUM NUMBER OF RUNS NECESSARY TO REACH YOUR READERS? Three run dates is our absolute minimum suggestion, but an ad has a better chance of being successful if it appears more regularly. A smaller ad that runs more frequently is often more successful than a single larger ad. h3(#qn08). CAN YOU GUARANTEE MY AD WILL GET RESULTS? Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee any ad will get results. Our staff is dedicated to helping make sure your campaign is successful, and we can offer helpful tips and advice. The Wildcat can guarantee your ad will be exposed to the university market. h3(#qn09). WHAT KINDS OF BUSINESSES ADVERTISE WITH THE ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT? Wildcat advertisers include local and national companies ranging from restaurants and theaters to educational services, apartments, realtors, travel agencies, and more. Please contact us to get a copy of the paper and our media kit; this will help give you a better feel of who and what we are. h3(#qn10). DO UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA ALUMNI OR NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS RECEIVE ANY SPECIAL DISCOUNTS FOR DISPLAY ADS? No. However, there are discounts for new advertisers, signing a volume contract and frequency. We also offer a special discount if you run multiple times during the same week. Please contact us so we can discuss our different advertising programs and find the right one for you. The Wildcat can provide matching advertising funds to your organization for events and projects that benefit the UA community and serve the public interest. "*Click here to download our PSAP application and get more details*":/media/00/00/00/01/113_psappo.pdf h3(#qn11). WHAT ARE YOUR TERMS OF PAYMENT? CAN I BE BILLED FOR ADVERTISING? For your convenience, the Wildcat accepts cash and checks in addition to Mastercard, Visa and American Express for payment. Payment is required by the advertising deadline. The Wildcat offers billing terms for clients who fill out a credit application and are approved for credit. This process typically takes two weeks to complete. Contact your Account Executive for details. h3(#qn12). WHAT IS A COLUMN INCH? 1 column x 1 inch. A column is the horizontal dimension on a page measuring 1.5227 inches per column. Inches are the vertical dimension on a page. Please see the mechanical information page in the rate card for more details. h3(#qn13). WHAT ARE THE MOST POPULAR AD SIZES?
Full Page6 columns x 21.5"
Half Page6 columns x 10.5" or 3 columns x 21.5"
Quarter Page3 columns x 10.5"
Junior Box3 columns x 4"
Junior Vertical2 columns x 6"
Business Card2 columns x 4"
Vertical Tower1 column x 4"
Small Box2 columns x 1"

h3(#qn14). I'VE CREATED MY OWN AD. WHAT IS THE BEST FILE FORMAT FOR SENDING ADS? The best file format is a PDF file. Please embed fonts and graphics. Please be sure the dimensions of your ad correspond exactly to the size of ad you have purchased. There are other formats we accept. Please contact us for details. We do not accept Word files. Ads should be an 85-line screen and at least 150 DPI. h3(#qn15). WHERE CAN I E-MAIL MY AD? Send your ad to "ads@dailywildcat.com":mailto:ads@dailywildcat.com. Please include your name, the representative with whom you are working, the dates your ad will run and contact information in case we have a question. Do not send ads via fax. h3(#qn16). I DON'T HAVE AN AD. CAN YOU HELP ME DESIGN ONE? Yes, the Wildcat has a staff of talented student graphic designers. Our graphic design services are available at no charge and are included with your advertising purchase. h3(#qn17). SHOULD MY AD HAVE A BORDER? The Wildcat recommends that a border enclose your ad, as borders make ads stand out and look better. h3(#qn18). CAN I GUARANTEE A SPECIFIC PAGE FOR MY AD? For an additional 15 percent premium, certain placements can be guaranteed in the Wildcat. Your representative can give you complete details and check availability. If you prefer not to pay the premium, ad placement can be requested, but not guaranteed. h3(#qn19). CAN THE WILDCAT DELIVER AN ISSUE WITH MY AD IN IT ON THE DAY IT IS PRINTED? Please speak to a Wildcat Account Executive about this request. To ensure you see your ad in a timely fashion, the paper is distributed to more than 100 locations in on campus, at Pima Community College, and in Tucson businesses. Also, tearsheets containing your ad can be mailed to you. Your account executive can give you full details. h3(#qn20). CAN I SUBSCRIBE TO THE WILDCAT? Yes, please contact the Student Media business office to be added to this list. The cost for this is $199 per year (mailed weekly). The number is 520-621-8659. h3(#qn21). CAN I HAVE A SINGLE CONTACT PERSON TO MANAGE ALL MY ADVERTISING? Yes, a Wildcat Account Executive will help you get started and can serve as a primary point of contact. The student staff is not full time, and all staff members are equipped to help you if your regular contact is not working when you call. For timely service, we suggest that you do not wait for your regular contact to call you about a question if another representative can help you. If you are in need of greater assistance, please ask to speak with a manager. h3(#qn22). IS THE WILDCAT A PART OF THE UNIVERSITY? Yes, the Wildcat is part of "Arizona Student Media":http://wc.arizona.edu/azmedia/, a university department. Student Media also contains "KAMP student radio":http://kamp.arizona.edu/ and "UATV (student television)":http://uatv.arizona.edu/. "Student Media":http://wc.arizona.edu/azmedia/ also publishes a popular fold-out campus map, the "University of Arizona Visitor Guide":http://wc.arizona.edu/ads/visitorguide/ and the "University of Arizona Parents and Family magazine":http://wc.arizona.edu/ads/ParentsMagazine/. If you are interested in any of these, please let your Account Executive know. h3(#qn23). I WANT TO ADVERTISE – HOW DO I GET STARTED? Great – we look forward to learning more about your business and working with you - please contact us by e-mailing "ads@dailywildcat.com":mailto:ads@dailywildcat.com or call us at 520-621-1686. Classified advertising can be reached by e-mailing "classifieds@wildcat.arizona.edu":mailto:classifieds@wildcat.arizona.edu or 520-621-3425. Or, you can "place a classified by clicking here and filling out our online form":https://host4.eclipseservices.com/wildcat/online. Our office hours are Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. MST.