The Daily Wildcat is Tucson's best medium for reaching both the University of Arizona community and adults, ages 18-24

Daily Wildcat & Advertising (August through May)

The Arizona Daily Wildcat is The University of Arizona’s only official student-run daily newspaper. The Wildcat publishes Monday through Friday during the fall and spring academic semesters. With more than 125 rack locations in high-traffic areas and local businesses on and near the UA campus, the Wildcat is the most read source in the UA community for local news, sports and arts and entertainment coverage. With our wide variety of special issues, popular website, convenient mobile app and outdoor or street marketing opportunities, your business or organization will always have access to the most effective medium to establish itself as the favorite on a campus of well-educated, diverse consumers.

Summer Wildcat Advertising (June through August)

With more than 16,000 students and 14,000 faculty and staff on campus during the summer months, advertising in the weekly Arizona Summer Wildcat – published every Wednesday from June through early August – is both effective and economical.

Public Service Advertising Partnership 

Do you have a program that benefits the university community? Let us help your group publicize your event and cause. The Daily Wildcat offers matching advertising funds (up to $1,000 - restrictions apply) for projects organized by university or student groups that benefit the university community.