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  • Republican gubernatorial candidates debate in Tucson

    Posted 11 hours ago

    Border security and education remained top issues among the Republican candidates for Arizona governor in a forum Wednesday night at Pima Community College – West Campus. More »

  • Posted 14 hours ago

    A candidate forum series was held at Pima Community College – West Campus for the Republican gubernatorial candidates on Wednesday. The candidates spoke of their views and intended solutions to border and education issues as well as speaking to their qualifications for the position. More »

  • Posted 14 hours ago

    Ken Bennett (left) and Christine Jones (right) speak to an audience at Pima Community College of their positions as potential governors on Wednesday. Bennett spoke of his hopes to reform K-12 funding systems and Jones spoke of the need for improved education. More »

  • Arizona Summer Wildcat 'Campus Guide' 2014

    Posted 07/30/14 9:37am

    Design by Nicole Thill/Photos by Arizona Summer Wildcat Staff More »

  • Welcome Wildcats: Presenting ‘Campus Guide’ 2014

    Posted 07/30/14 8:44am

    In preparation of your arrival to campus, the staff members of the Arizona Summer Wildcat and are proud to present our “Campus Guide 2014” special edition. More »

  • Posted 07/29/14 8:02pm

    Photo Illustration by Mia Moran / Arizona Summer Wildcat: The UA campus has many scenic areas for both reading and studying. For new college students, reading can be an outlet from the stress of adjusting to university life. More »

  • Campus Guide: Living off campus offers new experience

    Posted 07/29/14 9:46pm

    Living on campus your freshman year comes with a lot of challenges, but living off campus is no easier. More »

  • Campus Guide: What to do with your newfound freshman crush

    Posted 07/29/14 9:41pm

    Congratulations! You actually worked up the courage, spoke to that special someone and they agreed to go on a date with you. More »

  • Campus Guide: Fall concerts to look forward

    Posted 07/29/14 9:32pm

    College can be really stressful, and according to The BG News, concerts are one of the best stress and anxiety relievers. More »

  • Campus Guide: Movie hotspots

    Posted 07/29/14 9:29pm

    Gallagher Theater — This is the university’s in-house theater, located right inside the Student Union Memorial Center. More »