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  • Posted 3:09pm 03/08

    Students and members of campus cultural organizations filled the east-facing steps of Old Main Tuesday afternoon. More »

  • Posted 8:50am 05/25

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  • Posted 8:49am 05/25

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  • Posted 8:46am 05/25

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  • Say goodbye to the Old Pueblo and UA following commencement with this time-lapse video

    Posted 10:09am 05/13

    Seniors, bid your farewell to Tucson one final time with this time-lapse video of some of the Old Pueblo and the University of Arizona's gems, made by film and TV student Logan Tritt. The video was shot using timelapse photography in order to show treasures of Tucson which may otherwise not have been seen or might have been missed. More »

  • On mental illness, obesity and the opioid epidemic with the U.S. Surgeon General

    Posted 10:41am 05/17

    The Daily Wildcat sat down with Murthy before he walked the commencement stage to talk about three rampant health issues facing many young adults today — mental illness, obesity and opioid addiction. More »

  • Students in dorms, greek life more susceptible to meningitis

    Posted 9:00am 05/04

    When students stumble through the front doors of their residence halls next fall, they will be greeted by a slew of “cover your cough” and anti-STD posters. But one infection in particular is one that those living in on-campus housing should be particularly concerned about: meningitis. More »

  • Synthetic smarts: Nootropic "smart drugs" popular among students

    Posted 9:00am 05/02

    Nootropics, or “smart drugs”, are loosely defined as any substance that increases cognitive functioning. Nootropics were discovered in the 1960s, but didn’t receive mainstream attention till more recent years with movies like “Limitless”— which features an unlikely genius conquering the world by taking a small pill. More »

  • Go too fast, get caught: PTS enforcing speed limits in UA garages

    Posted 9:00am 04/30

    Following the rules of the road can often challenge student drivers, especially when they are in a rush to class. UA Parking and Transportation Services has recently stepped up monitoring speeders with radar enforcement in parking garages to combat speedy motorists. More »

  • The digital heart and soul of the UA: Master D2L and UAccess

    Posted 9:09am 05/24

    An incoming freshman would be mistaken to believe the heart and soul of learning curriculum at the UA lies inside its classrooms. In reality, the school's heart beats inside two web-based programs: UAccess and D2L. More »