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Have your Cake and hear it too

By those who know them, they are loved, admired and ever supported. For those who are not in the know, they are an institution unto itself, acting as the definition of a band that has earned its stripes in a cult following. Cake, from Sacramento, Calif., ...

Who Shot Rock and Roll

From pictures of the infamous Jimi Hendrix and Tupac to the recently deceased Amy Winehouse, hard core music fans can bask in the celebrity portraits and confront the true personalities of rock and roll’s most memorable characters.

DayGlow lights up Tucson this past weekend

The paint party, held at the Tucson Convention Center, was a wild time. With crazy lighting, bigger screens flashing all manner of visuals and much better music, Dayglow easily became one of the most exciting events thrown for college students all year. ... read more

UA professor honors Emily Dickinson in MOCA art installation

The National Endowment for the Arts and local Kore Press present months’ worth of events in a push called Big Read Tucson. It’s a celebration of the works of Emily Dickinson to inspire more reading in the community — and the UA is getting in on ... read more

Bands to break your midterm misery

Either you’re done (lucky you), halfway through (like myself), or not even there yet (God have mercy on your soul)— midterms are here, kids! So instead of sitting in the library and wishing for this hell to be over, here’s three bands, and three ... read more