Local artist Joe Pagac travels the nation and paints murals

Wet paint brushes lie on the floor next to sketches that inspired the canvas above them. Local artist Joe Pagac stands focused as he adds to his nearly blank canvas of a sugar skull he is recreating for a client. With each stroke of his brush, the painting comes alive and the bright colors beam off the portrait. Read more

Artist Andrew Kosten speaks to UA printmaking community

Printmaking artist Andrew Kosten displayed his work at the University of Arizona’s School of Art this week from Feb. 27 to Mar. 3 as the visiting artist invited by the Wildcat Print Association. During his time here, he has been working with printmaking students on prints he brought and teaching them more about what it is to work in an art form generally misunderstood in today’s modern world. Read more

Museum of Art reveals the science of art conservation

Inside the UA Museum of Art hangs paintings that have withstood the storms of time, lasting over 500 years. When someone views a piece at a museum, they’re seeing it at its best, but numerous evaluations and treatments take place before art makes it to the gallery wall. UA Museum of Art curator Olivia Miller wants the story of art conservation illumined for the public in an upcoming exhibit. Read more

Glassblower Micah Blatt is the gem of his own bar: Mr. Head's

Micah Blatt, owner of Mr. Head's Art Gallery and Bar, has called Tucson home since 1996. Blatt began glass blowing when he was 18 years old. Self-taught, he wanted to open his own smoke shop with functional glass he would create himself, so he headed to the library to find books to study up on the unique art form. Read more