Super Cool News: How to get through the new semester blues

Thousands of University of Arizona students woke up Monday morning to the completely sudden and absolutely horrifying realization that summer vacation is, in fact, already over. If you find yourself suffering from the new semester blues this week, check out these tips on how to successfully work through them. Read more

Wildcat Picks of the Week: Welcome to UA

This week there will be a variety of events to kick off the start of the new school year and acquaint students with campus life. While you settle back into the groove of classes, here are some events to look out for. Read more

Wild catfish: UA students hooked by catfishes

Students at the UA seem to favor the popular dating app Tinder, which allows UA students to find potential mates within close proximity to meet up with and mingle. Unfortunately, people do not always portray themselves accurately on social media and this leads to naive students being catfished. Read more

Campus Guide '17: Eight great places to sit down and hit the books

For college students, studying is a way of life, but sometimes the motivation to dive into homework is hard to find. Studying in the wrong environment can lead to procrastination or distraction. If you’re in need of a study spot, read the following list of eight great places to study around the UA community. Read more

Campus Guide '17: Tucson metro and downtown are home to unique local businesses

If you know where to look, you’ll find that Tucson has an impressive, vibrant city life. In fact, just by hopping on the SunLink streetcar, you can visit most of the historic and popular spots downtown has to offer. Grab a bite to eat at Main Gate Square, shop along Fourth Avenue or explore the nightlife on Congress Street. To get an idea of how Tucsonans have fun — and to learn about what places not to miss — read on. Read more

Campus Guide '17: Concert venues highlight the city's music scene

Tucson’s live music scene is quite eclectic, with rock, alternative, country and hip-hop among the genres represented. Several venues regularly sell out shows for local artists as well as national acts who make a point of adding Tucson to their tours. Incoming students can look forward to seeing the many different artists and bands that contribute to Tucson’s ever-growing music culture and community. Read more

Take shelter at Scented Leaf

During these breaks from the heat, Tucsonans can once again take leisurely strolls, marking the return of a lesser-known season: people-watching. From a corner of Scented Leaf Teahouse and Lounge, the flows of people along University Boulevard are like the tides coming in and going out. Read more

Summer reading recommendations

Looking for a book to read this summer? Check out these five great options. Journey through an adventure across Middle Earth with Tolkien’s "The Hobbit" or experience the raw poetry of Kaur’s emotional "milk and honey". There’s something for everyone, all for $10 or less. Read more