Tipsy Picassos changes the game for art classes

In Tucson’s art community, Tipsy Picassos is known as an innovative business that brings people together for a common activity: Painting. The art-class business strives to bring out the Picasso in every participant, welcoming people of all skill levels to grab a brush and create interpretations of the artwork displayed in class. Tipsy Picassos hosts private parties, group parties and other events. An instructor, all art supplies and a fun, relaxed environment for creativity to expand is provided. All participants have to do is bring their favorite wine and a positive attitude. Read more

Amy's Donuts makes a sweet arrival in Tucson

Amy’s Donuts is home to a smorgasbord of creative and delectable doughnuts. Inside the shop, customers can find around 120 different flavors to choose from, including Amy’s Almond Joy, Nutella Crumb and even Maple Bacon. Read more

Hidden gems: Six awesome restaurants you might not know exist

The city of Tucson, known for its rich food culture, has an extremely wide variety of restaurants to choose from. Many people fall into the habit of eating at their favorite place day in and day out. However, some of the best food you can find around town is cooked in some unsuspecting places.  Read more

The Rock: A staple concert venue in Tucson

For music lovers searching to try out a new concert venue, look no further than The Rock Tucson. Located on Park Avenue, local and national bands come to share their talent within its black, sticker and poster-laden walls. Fans can stand in front of a small stage, getting up close and personal with their favorite musicians. While the Rock is known for hosting mostly rock bands, the venue welcomes performers from a variety of musical genres, thus serving a wide audience and giving patrons the ability to discover new music. Read more

Students fight back in Krav Maga classes at UA Rec Center

At the nationally-recognized UA Campus Recreational Center, the Krav Maga fitness course is a popular choice among the many other interesting and enjoyable fitness classes offered during the school year and summer sessions. The fighting class provides its students with effective ways to practice self-defense in dangerous situations while getting a total body workout. Read more

A poetic partnership between Loft Cinema and UA

This summer, you can attend a summer poetry film screening, courtesy of the Loft Cinema and UA Poetry Center. The Loft will use their inflatable screen at the Poetry Center for the first couple of screenings, and after their renovations are completed, the Loft will be hosting the remaining screenings at their newly-remodeled theater. Read more