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Artist Spotlight: Gooch Palms is a state of mind

What are Gooch Palms? A pejorative term used in Belize? A shell company for a shady hedge-fund tycoon? A new Lori Loughlin sitcom on the Hallmark Channel? Gooch Palms is, in fact, a band from Australia, and they said they are bored with the mundane.  Read more

Waves in the desert

The stage was dimly lit at Illegal Pete's on the night of Tuesday, March 26, when a group of performers took the stage to perform an assortment of hip-hop and rap. The group was the Engraves Collective, and that was their first show.  Read more

UAMA to hold Celebration of Life for Dennis L. Jones

The University of Arizona will be commemorating the life and accomplishments of artist and administrator Dennis L. Jones, who died Feb. 8, 2019, on Monday, April 8. Jones contributed much to art, culture and education at the university and in the world. Read more