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Things to read that aren't textbooks

With the number of textbooks, handouts or PDFs that college students are required to read, it’s easy to feel fatigued by reading. As book lovers ourselves, we know how hard it can be to find the time and the motivation to pick up a book that isn’t vital to our classes. With this list, we hope to ease the struggle of finding the right book to read when you need a break from your mandatory reading list. Read more

Tucson must-see spots

 Tucson is home to many community gems. However, those new to Tucson may not know where to go for some fun activities for all ages. Here are 10 places in Tucson to see if you want to call yourself a Tucsonan.  Read more

Things to do in Tucson if you're under 21

 Tucson is a town that has a rich culture when it comes to things to do. While it has a vibrant nightlife and bar presence, Tucson is filled with a plethora of adventures for those who are under the age of 21. From shopping to concerts, there is always something to do in the “Dirty T."  Read more

Q & A: UA Director of Bands is a recognized guest at Carnegie Hall

 Chad Nicholson, the University of Arizona director of bands and conductor of the UA Wind Ensemble, has been chosen as one of the nationally recognized guests at Carnegie Hall. Nicholson, along with the other guests, will provide workshops for multiple ensembles that will perform in Carnegie Hall’s Symphonic Series on June 17.  Read more

Live entertainment around campus

There are several places on and around campus for students to go to for live entertainment in their free time. From plays and musicals performed by University of Arizona students to rock concerts and dance shows, here is a list of places to find your fix of fun. Read more

From behind the scenes to graduation stage

 During his time at the University of Arizona, Cole Rowerdink found a passion for working behind the scenes on fine arts productions. He is graduating from the College of Fine Arts this year with a degree in design and technology and an emphasis in stage management.   Read more