Arts & Life

Reflecting UA values through The Pride of Arizona

Over two hundred fifty members in the Pride of Arizona assemble on and off the football field to show students that they shouldn’t feel alone in their journey through college. With its award-winning Pom Line, the "cheerful" team of Color Guard and "powerful" marching band, the Pride of Arizona creates the ideal blend of audio and visual entertainment, according to Chad Shoopman, director of the Pride of Arizona marching band.  Read more

Dress Code: Music driven fashion

The once-vacant lot on the University Boulevard is now home to a fashion-forward streetwear store called Dress Code. The store opened its doors on Aug. 11 and this “music driven fashion” brand is paving its way to students by offering a "new kind" of contemporary fashion boutique on Main Gate Square.  Read more

'Eclectic' lineup for HOCO 2018

This fall artists from around the world will make their way to Tucson to mark the start of HOCO fest, a festival at Hotel Congress dedicated to celebrating music and culture both locally and globally that will run from August 29 through Sept. 2.  Read more

One year later: The recovery of the stolen Woman-Ochre

At 4:30 a.m. on a morning last August, Brian Seastone received a life-changing phone call. The voice on the other end of the line informed the University of Arizona chief of police that Woman-Ochre, a painting stolen from the UA Museum of Art over 30 years ago, had been recovered at a location just three hours away. Read more

Students benefit from on-campus employment

University of Arizona students are some of the driving forces behind departments and positions all around campus. With jobs ranging from yoga instructors to office assistants, UA hires thousands of students to work in various positions across campus, according to the Office of Student Engagement and Career Development.  Read more

Bookstore is the spine of campus

The University of Arizona Bookstore has spent months preparing for the fall semester, and it is finally here. The Bookstore is an ever-active system of moving parts. To put on any event means weeks to months of effective collaboration and preparation, and there is a lot of ground to cover, according to the marketing team. “Everything has to be prepped for student orientation,” said Hannah Rapp, a third year student studying marketing and entrepreneurship at the UA and student lead at the Bookstore. “We want to make sure all of the merchandise and our pop-up shops are ready for back-to-school."  Read more

Welcoming Wildcats back to campus

As campus starts to fill with wandering students who are returning or getting ready for college classes for the first time, the University of Arizona is ready to give them a Wildcat Welcome.  The Wildcat Welcome program is intended to welcome all Wildcats to campus and to a new semester by hosting a variety of events to build up the Wildcat experience, according to the website.   Each event is geared toward helping students adjust to the university lifestyle and are put together through university programs ranging from the Associated Students of the University of Arizona to Think Tank.  Read more

UA Poetry Center sets lineup for semester

The University of Arizona is home to one of the premier libraries of poetry in the U.S. that acts as a leading literary institution and a living archive of poetry, according to its website. The UA Poetry Center, located on Helen Street and Vine Avenue, provides the campus community with a series of different activities and events that aim to promote poetry and literature. Read more

UA history & traditions: Welcome home Wildcats

Since 1885, the University of Arizona has been a pillar of the Tucson community. The traditions and history of the campus run deep, with over 130 years of academic research, public advancements and an ever-growing sense of pride and spirit. As an incoming student, here’s the UA history and traditions that you need to know.  Read more

Immerse yourself in community culture

The University of Arizona prides itself on being a leader in the arts and student engagement, and, as a member of the prestigious Association of American Universities, it is home to programs that are globally recognized for their diversity and inclusion.  From theater and dance shows to club events and campus activities, UA faculty, staff and students encourage Wildcats to get involved and partake in these opportunities. Read more