Arts & Life

Looking back on Arts & Life

A look at some of the top arts & life stories of the semester. Highlighting clubs, events and UA programs the stories cover everything from the arts to student life. Tucson Arts Brigade (TAB) kicked off spring with a call to artists, from all backgrounds, to take part in a three-day mural festival dedicated to creating stories of culture through the arts.  The University of Arizona Poetry Center collaborated with the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum to display the Woven Words project at their museum grounds, hoping to give audiences a highlight of environmental issues facing the dessert landscape.  The University of Arizona chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA)—the College of St. Felix—is a student run organization that practices the skills and tasks of the Middle Ages in modern times.  Local artist and University of Arizona alumnus Nathanael Myers brings creativity to life in Tucson through his desire to kindle the notion of conceptual and visual poetry.   Scott Pask, a University of Arizona alumnus, is a three-time Tony Award winning set designer currently working on the Broadway production of “Mean Girls.”  Read more

Think Tank tutors prep students for success

 Filled with exams and papers due, finals week can mean stress and spending an abundance of time studying on campus. The University of Arizona offers students services to help them get through this time of year, one of which is Think Tank tutoring.  Think Tank is university-funded and offers a variety of free services to students. Made up of around 200 students, graduate assistants and professionals in their fields, they tutor students in all subjects and offer writing workshops and peer collaborations.   Read more

Taking on finals week

 Offering University of Arizona students the opportunity to pet dogs, get tutored, de-stress and eat free pancakes, Finals Survival Week kicks off another semester of student engagement. Finals Survival Week is an interdisciplinary committee designed to help de-stress, re-focus and re-energize students during the weeks of April 28 through May 10 by collaborating with groups like Counseling and Psych Services (CAPS), Think Tank and Arizona Meditation Research Interest Group (AMRIG).  Read more

Giving students a visual experience of the universe

Six students are running around on the University of Arizona football stadium field with a camera, sound equipment and some frisbees. These students are part of the Active Galactic Videos (AGV) team, and they are turning the stadium into a scale model of the universe.  Alejandro Olmedo, a film and television junior, weaves through the stands, trying to find the perfect shot of the entire field. Down on the field, Aidan Gibbs, a senior studying astronomy and physics, carefully measures out the distances between a couple frisbees that had been spray painted to look like galaxies.  Read more

Wildcats take over the catwalk

Bright purple lights, a glimmering swimming pool and a tangerine sunset overlooking the Santa Catalina Mountains set the scene for the second annual University of Arizona fashion show, showcasing the most trendy, new looks for the Tucson community.   Collections from seven different designers were presented on the Luna rooftop on April 28 as part of UA Fashion Week, hosted by TREND Fashion Club.The club was created through the Terry J Lundgren Center for Retailing in order to provide students in any major with experience in the fashion industry. The club holds weekly meeting as well as fundraising events each year to prepare for fashion week.  Read more

Making student engagement a priority

Cats After Dark, an organization that has members who are staff and student leaders throughout the division, is a central initiative in student affairs, enrollment management, academic initiatives and student success, which is a division of the university. The organization members come together to promote late-night events on campus. According to the Cats After Dark mission statement, their aim is to “provide students events late at night—specifically, multiple opportunities for engagement and alternatives to consuming alcohol.”  “Our primary goal is to revive students’ opportunity to engage in that student experience late at night.” said Mike Schilling, Community Director, Residential Education in Housing and Residential Life, and the Chair of Cats After Dark. “Sort of our sub-goal is to provide students opportunities that don’t involve alcohol.” Read more

Finding your inner child with 'Finding Neverland'

Broadway in Tucson Company’s showing of Finding Neverland truly instills a sense a wonder within audiences. Taking place in the regal Centennial Hall on University Blvd., magic really is played out before your very eyes. Taking place in London during the early 1900s, the story follows playwright J.M. Barrie as he attempts to find himself through his work. Barrie is known within upper-class London as an esteemed writer that always delivers basic plays to his fans. However, he seeks something more fulfilling for his next masterpiece.  Read more

'Expect The Unexpected' at UA Fashion Week

With models, designers and rooftop catwalks, TREND Fashion Club is hosting its second annual University of Arizona Fashion Week and is telling everyone to prepare for an unforgettable show. “Expect The Unexpected” is the theme of this year’s UA Fashion Week, and the students in charge of the event said it’s going to be bigger and better than ever. They hope to increase recognition for student and local designers, as well as promote the impact that fashion can have on communities. As the director and founder of UA Fashion Week, student Jenna DeMaio said it takes a lot to prepare for an event like this, but they are excited to see all of their hard work pay off. Read more

UA seniors 'Dream in Widescreen'

The University of Arizona Film and Televison program hosts an annual film presentation and competition as a final project for their graduating students. It is the first opportunity to see the original films from the student filmmakers before they take their work to major film festivals all over the world. The project includes 12 short films that compete for over $6000 in awards including cash prizes, gift certificates, software and studio credit that students can use to further their creative work. The films have taken nine months to create, and we filmakers are preparing for its premiere at ‘I Dream in Widescreen’ this Saturday, April 28.   Read more

UA dance students take the stage for end of year performance

At the Edge - Student Spotlight, a showcase put together by the UA School of Dance, featured thirteen new works created by members of the UA Dance Ensemble and aimed to display their individuality and voices. Candice Barth and Gregory Taylor performed their duet, “Dark Mirror in Deep Waters,” amongst other students and alumni durimng the showcase.  The duet was created with no intention to have a targeted audience or specific message, but it was meant to be a way for the individual to involve themselves and develop a personal connection to the art form.  Read more

A final bow to the spring semester

Taking the romantic life of two at-feud pajama-making factory workers and bringing that life to campus is what the Arizona Repertory Theatre does in its final show of the season: a light-hearted musical called “The Pajama Game.”  Based on the novel “7 ½ Cents” by Richard Bissell, this show combines comedy, integrity and an enthralling love story that will leave viewers with a feel-good sentiment, as well as catchy songs stuck in their heads.  The show a features David vs. Goliath conflict: the control big businesses have over workers. When pajama-making factory workers don’t receive their hard-earned raise, strikes and slow-downs ensue.  Read more

Hitting the high notes with UA choir

 The University Community Chorus, a self-sustaining ensemble open to students, faculty, staff and community members, presented its accomplishments during its spring concert, “Music of the Americas.”  Alyssa Cossey, assistant professor of choral music and music education in her first year at the University of Arizona, organized and led the chorus in its spring performance, which included music composed by Ariel Ramirez, Argentine composer, pianist and director.  Read more